Media Reform Coalition

The Media Reform Coalition was set up by members of the Goldsmiths Leverhulme Media Research Centre in 2011 and campaigns for increased diversity and accountability of the British media.

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Since 2011, the Media Reform Coalition has been at the forefront of the UK’s progressive media reform movement, producing evidence and giving oral testimony to a broad range of public inquiries into the media; engaging the public on media reform issues, and designing innovative solutions that address the most critical issues in media policy-making. This manifesto builds on extensive academic research and a number of briefing reports produced by, and in consultation with, a broad range of experts and stakeholders. In sum, it charts a roadmap towards genuine progressive reform that is both practical and radical; replacing legacy frameworks with a media policy fit for the twenty-first century. Though our core concerns have always related to media ownership and plurality, in today’s digital environment policymakers must avoid disentangling the key issues at stake in promoting a more democratic and accountable media system.

The 2021 report on media ownership was based on data that we have made available below as Excel/Word files.