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Dr Justin Bengry

Dr Justin Bengry - Lecturer in History

Dr Justin Bengry is Director of the Centre for Queer History at Goldsmiths, where he convenes the world’s first MA in Queer History. He is a cultural historian of sexualities and the queer past focusing on twentieth-century Britain.

His primary research is into relationships between homosexuality and capitalism but is also interested in current policy surrounding ‘gay pardons’ and queer local histories.

Dr Isabell Dahms - Lecturer in Queer History

Dr Isabell Dahms is a Lecturer in Queer History at Goldsmiths. Coming from a background in politics, critical theory and philosophy, her research looks at the intersections of medical, philosophical and grassroots histories of sex, gender, and sexuality.  

Her current research interest is in queer municipal and activist histories and the relationship of queerness to public and domestic spaces, as well as the history of London Lighthouse and queer care. She has taught queer public history at the Bishopsgate Institute and Goldsmiths, working closely with the LGBTQIA+ archives at Bishopsgate. 

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Dr Daisy Asquith - Senior Lecturer in Media, Communications and Cultural Studies (MCCS)

Dr Daisy Asquith is a Senior Lecturer at Goldsmiths and has convened the MA in Filmmaking (Screen Documentary) since 2015. Daisy is a documentary filmmaker with over 20 years experience making films for the BBC, Channel 4, BFI, Irish Film Board, Grierson Trust and Sheffield Docfest among others. She has won many awards for her work including the Royal Television Society Best Documentary Series twice (‘The Decision’ and ‘15’), a Grierson, and a BAFTA nomination.

Dr Kate Davison - University of Edinburgh

Dr Kate Davison is a Lecturer in the History of Sexuality at the University of Edinburgh. She is a historian of psy-science, sexuality, gender, emotions and politics in twentieth-century Central Europe and the British Commonwealth. 

Her primary research focuses on the psychiatric treatment of queer desire and gender during the Cold War, paying special attention to the transnational circulation of behaviourist theories and methods and the ways that political and social movements have responded to the ‘medical model’. 

Dr Molly Merryman - Kent State University

Molly Merryman,  PhD is the founding director of the Center for the Study of Gender and Sexuality and an associate professor of Peace and Conflict Studies at Kent State University in the United States. She is the research director for Queer Britain, the UK’s national LGBT Museum. Merryman is a documentary filmmaker and author, whose scholarly work explores societal marginalization, with a particular focus on gender, gender identity, sexual orientation and race.

Prof Alison Oram

Alison Oram is Professor Emerita of Social and Cultural History at Leeds Beckett University and a Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of Historical Research. She is a leading scholar of gender and sexuality, popular culture, public history and intersections of these with LGBTQ heritage and is the author of numerous articles and two books on LGBTQ history: The Lesbian History Sourcebook (2001) and most recently Her Husband Was a Woman!” Women’s Gender-Crossing and Modern British Popular Culture (2007). 

Amy Tooth Murphy

Dr Amy Tooth Murphy - Royal Holloway, University of London

Amy Tooth Murphy is Senior Lecturer in Oral History at Royal Holloway, University of London. She specialises in lesbian and queer oral histories and post-war lesbian history, with an emphasis on domesticity. 

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