A seminar series on southern Africa

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The University of London and the Institute of Commonwealth Studies are pleased to introduce a seminar series dedicated to the study of southern Africa. The series aims to provide a forum for the discussion and dissemination of new and recent research in the humanities and social sciences as it relates to the region. The research interests of the convenors lie in the disciplines of History, Geography, Literature and Anthropology, and our approach will be an interdisciplinary one. The seminar will take the form of one workshop each academic term and will typically see the presentation of four papers around a common theme.

We aim to present a selection of these papers online in our Working Papers series.

The seminar is kindly funded by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies; the Centre for African Studies, SOAS; the Department of History, Birkbeck College; the Environment, Politics and Development Group, King's College; the Department of History, Goldsmiths College; the Department of Geography, Royal Holloway; the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Queen Mary University of London; the Department of Anthropology, London School of Economics. We look forward to welcoming all interested parties.