Kristen Catchpole

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Position Part-Time Lecturer MA Art Psychotherapy
Email k.catchpole (
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7171 extension 2618
Kristen Catchpole

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Brown, Christopher; Catchpole, Kristen; Cavaliero, Annamaria; Kagiafa, Diana; Martyn, Jonathan; Morris, Lesley; Rimmer, Lisa; Rudnik, Susan; Skaife, Sally; Tipple, Robin A.; Velada, Diana and Westwood, Jill. 2015. someunconsciousthings Goldsmiths Art Psychotherapy Exhibition. In: "Freud Museum: Festival of the Unconscious. The Unconscious Revisited", Freud Museum, United Kingdom, 24 June -13 Sept 2015.

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