Social Work at Goldsmiths

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Goldsmiths is one of the leading universities for social work education in the UK.

Social Work students in a lecture

At qualifying level, we offer the BA and MA in Social Work, the Step Up to Social Work Post Graduate Diploma; at the post-qualifying level, stand-alone CPD modules and an MA in Practice Education.

We aim to equip you with the knowledge, values and skill set you need to practise as a reflective and ethical social worker.

Our qualifying programmes have been approved by Social Work England (SWE). This means that students who successfully complete these programmes are eligible apply to the SWE for registration as a social worker.

We work with employer stakeholder partners to provide you with practice-learning opportunities that will deliver the skills you need in your career.

Each of the social work programmes that we offer at Goldsmiths is designed to prepare you by recognising:

  • The unique contribution that all students bring to the programmes in terms of their qualities and experiences;
  • That training builds on the uniqueness of each person by facilitating their exploration of the values, knowledge base and skills of social work practice
  • That it is the student’s responsibility not only to develop their understanding of the framework of social work practice but also to demonstrate skills, knowledge and values in this area.

We work according to national professional and academic standards set out by The Department of Health and Social Work England.

Our teaching is characterised by a strong commitment to social justice and anti-oppressive principles, and, as such, we strive to cultivate an inclusive learning environment. In study groups you are actively encouraged to explore and manage the tensions, ambiguities and uncertainties that exist in social work practice. By utilising an action and reflective learning approach, we seek to bridge the gap between theory and practice, facilitating your critical thinking. Our teaching staff is actively engaged in a range of research projects and we aim to provide a stimulating research-led teaching and learning environment.


BA in Social Work - Dan Timariu

MA in Professional Leadership for Social Work (Qualified Social Workers) - Rebecca Donnellan

MA in Social Work - Andrew Linton

Step Up to Social Work - Michaela Dunn

MPhil & PhD in Social Work - Dr Claudia Bernard



Government funded social work study

Interested in becoming a social worker? Goldsmiths helps deliver the postgraduate diploma scheme called Step Up to Social Work. This is a 14-month route to become a qualified social worker. You learn more about it and apply for the scheme here

Our Short Courses

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Dance Movement Psychotherapy Foundation

Non-Verbal Communication: The Art of Conversation Through Body Language

Self Care for Practitioners Working in the Caring Professions

Working with Adults in the Context of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

Working with Children in the Context of Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse

An overview of Social Work at Goldsmiths