Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies future careers

After completing your degree you can choose to join the workforce or take advantage of the extensive opportunities for postgraduate study. No matter what degree you graduate with, the skills you learn will be transferable to a variety of industries.

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What skills will I gain from a STaCS degree?

You'll develop a variety of skills that can be applied to a broad range of sectors. These include developing an understanding of your own attitudes and responses, fostering relationships of trust and respect with clients, fine-tuning your observation and active listening skills, understanding confidentiality issues, managing and organising, advocacy and campaigning in the community, learning to be non-judgemental, developing self-management skills, assessing complex situations and learning to critically analyse problems.

What kinds of industries do STaCS graduates work in?

Community engagement

There are a number of roles which aim to provide support within the community. You could work with individuals who have been socially excluded or who are experiencing crisis and provide support to enable service users to help themselves. Similarly, youth workers work within the community to provide opportunities for the personal and social development of young people.

Counselling and psychotherapy

Counsellors work with individuals, couples or small groups to help people problem-solve and cope with difficulties. Similarly, psychotherapists treat mental disorders through a process of psychological treatment. Counsellors and psychotherapists work in a variety of settings including hospitals, GP surgeries, community- based clinics and social services departments.

Not-for-profit sector

You may choose to apply your skills to work for a local, national or international charity. Your work activities will vary according to the organisation but it is likely that you’ll be involved in project management, business development and fundraising activities and lobbying government or other policymakers on behalf of a cause or client group. As more sectors are encouraged to address the significance of sustainable communities and the need to give something back to the community, the number of opportunities within this sector is increasing.

Where do Goldsmiths STaCS graduates work?

STaCS graduates go on to work in a huge variety of roles including Adult Mentor, Mental Health Activation Worker, Counsellor, Patient Liaison Advisor, Prison Officer and Support Officer.

Some of our recent graduates now work for companies and institutions as diverse as Stonewall Housing, Broomfield Hospital, YMCA, London Borough of Bromley and charities Foundation 66 and Open Age.