Dr Keren Cohen

Staff details

Position Head of Therapies & Senior Lecturer
Email k.cohen (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 0207 919 7235
Dr Keren Cohen

Keren Cohen is a Lecturer in the department and a course convenor for the BA in Psychosocial Studies. Her academic background is in clinical psychology, with an emphasis on trauma and well-being. She was trained in psychodynamic psychotherapy and alongside her academic career she also works as a counsellor. 

Keren is an active researcher and has a keen interest in positive psychology with an emphasis on well-being, happiness and posttraumatic growth. She has had several publications in this area, drawing on both quantitative and qualitative methodologies.

Academic qualifications

  • BA in Behavioural Science
  • MA in Clinical Psychology
  • PhD in Psychology

Areas of supervision

Keren's areas of supervision include well-being and quality of life, life stories, psychological trauma, vicarious trauma and posttraumatic growth.

Research Interests

As a general framework, I am interested in the areas of Happiness and Well-being with a specific interest in Posttraumatic Growth, that is, the ability of people to grow and develop after experiencing trauma. Within this area, I have been looking at life stories and their relation to growth as well as the impact that trauma work has on those who carry it out. Recently I have started working on exploring and developing the concept of Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth.

Publications and research outputs


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