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Sue Curtis


Placement Coordinator & Lecturer MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy


Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies


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Book Section

Scwalbe, Annette; Curtis, Sue and Greenland, Christina. 2022. Holding Sacred: The Woman's Body in Supervision. In: Céline Butte and Tasha Colbert, eds. Embodied Approaches to Supervision: The Listening Body. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 123-145. ISBN 9780367473341

Bräuninger, Iris; Samaritter, Rosemarie and Curtis, Sue. 2021. Das unsichtbare Kind – Nonverbaler Ansatz zur Identifizierung von schüchternen und sozial ängstlichen Kindern [The Invisible Child: Nonverbal approach to identifying shy and socially anxious children]. In: Susan C. A. Burkhardt; Beatrice Ueli Stauffer and Susanne Amft, eds. Schüchterne und sozial ängstliche Kinder in der Schule: Erkennen, verstehen, begleiten [Shy and socially fearful children at school: Recognise, understand, accompany]. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, pp. 139-152. ISBN 9783170395282

Curtis, Sue. 2017. On becoming a Monkey. In: Geoffery Unkovich; Celine Butte and Jacqueline Butler, eds. Dance Movement Psychotherapy with People with Learning Disabilities. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 81-93. ISBN 978-1-138-96332-0


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Lever, A; Linnell, Sheridan and Curtis, Sue. 2016. Plumb bob lines. Australian and New Zealand Journal of Art Therapy, 11(1), pp. 69-71. ISSN 1833-9948

Art Object

Curtis, Sue. 2016. Finding Spaces, Making Places.

Curtis, Sue. 2015. Woman of Earth.