Sue Curtis

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Position Placement Coordinator & Lecturer MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy
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Phone +44 (0)20 7078 5012
Sue Curtis

Sue Curtis originally trained as a dancer and teacher before practicing dance movement psychotherapy (DMP) for nineteen years within mainstream and special education, particularly with clients in foster care and adoption, and those suffering loss, trauma and abuse. She has lectured and supervised on MA DMP training courses since 1993, and been involved in the MA in DMP at Goldsmiths since its inception. Sue has guest lectured in the Ukraine, Spain, Latvia and Poland, supervises privately and has also worked with the Association for DMP UK. 

Sue has recently lived through 3 years of serious illness and treatment for cancer, which left her disabled, but gave rise to her exploration of ‘body mapping’ as a way a body tells its story. She is developing this approach within her private practice of supervision.

Hours: 7.30am-5.00pm Monday-Tuesday 

Location: Laban Annex – F12

Academic qualifications

  • B.Ed 1st Class Hons, MA DMP


Sue works with children and young people within DMP. Considerations for Clinical practice.

Areas of supervision

Sue supervises students in training on the MA DMP as well as qualified DMP therapists.

Featured publications 

  • ‘Hope is a clean fishtank’, Panhofer, H. & Ratés, A. (2014). Encontrar - Compartir – Aprender. Jornadas del 10º aniversario del Máster en Danza Movimiento Terapia. Barcelona: Editorial de la Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.
  • ‘Ruminations and reflections on being visible and being seen’ e-motion Winter 2013
  • ‘Group movement psychotherapy with children in a mainstream school’ in Karkou, V. & Sanderson, P. (2006) Arts therapies – A Research based Map of the Field.  London: Elsevier Churchill Livingston
  • ‘Providing Dance Movement Therapy within a Mainstream School.’  in Bannister, A. & Huntington, A. (Eds) (2002)  Communicating with Children & Adolescents: Action for Change.  London:  Jessica Kingsley.

Professional activities

Sue is currently writing a chapter in a book on DMP with people with learning disabilities. She is looking at grief and mourning in non-verbal children with complex physical needs.

Sue was one of twelve women who exhibited a life-size body map marking and celebrating a moment of profound change at Centrespace Gallery in Bristol in September 2015. She has presented papers at the Universidad Autonoma de Barcelona for the 10th Anniversary of Masters in Dance Movement Therapy and given talks on patient perspective of living beyond treatment for cancer and resultant disability at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in London.

Research Interests

Continuing to collect data for body mapping project with graduates and therapists in relation to supervision.  This work will focus on the experience of the 1st year, post-graduation, in the formation of a DMP and the transition from trainee to professional. 

Exploring ideas around movement and body work/body mapping within the context of Ignatian Spirituality and silent retreats

Publications and research outputs

Book Section

Bräuninger, Iris; Samaritter, Rosemarie and Curtis, Sue. 2021. Das unsichtbare Kind – Nonverbaler Ansatz zur Identifizierung von schüchternen und sozial ängstlichen Kindern [The Invisible Child: Nonverbal approach to identifying shy and socially anxious children]. In: Susan C. A. Burkhardt; Beatrice Ueli Stauffer and Susanne Amft, eds. Schüchterne und sozial ängstliche Kinder in der Schule: Erkennen, verstehen, begleiten [Shy and socially fearful children at school: Recognise, understand, accompany]. Stuttgart: Kohlhammer, pp. 139-152. ISBN 9783170395282

Curtis, Sue. 2017. On becoming a Monkey. In: Geoffery Unkovich; Celine Butte and Jacqueline Butler, eds. Dance Movement Psychotherapy with People with Learning Disabilities. Oxon: Routledge, pp. 81-93. ISBN 978-1-138-96332-0

Curtis, Sue. 2014. Hope is a clean fishtank. In: Heidrun Panhofer and Assumpta Ratés, eds. Encontrar, compartir, aprender jornadas del 10º aniversario del máster en Danza Movimiento Terapia. Bellaterra: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona, pp. 101-111. ISBN 9788449044212

Curtis, Sue. 2002. Providing Dance Movement Therapy within a Mainstream School. In: Anne Bannister and Annie Huntington, eds. Communicating with Children and Adolescents: Action for Change. London and Philadelphia: Jessica Kingsley Publishers, pp. 114-127. ISBN 978-1-84310-025-6


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Art Object

Curtis, Sue. 2016. Finding Spaces, Making Places.

Curtis, Sue. 2015. Woman of Earth.