Keith Goodman

Keith’s practice focus is with children and families as a social worker and has research interests in child protection.

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Lecturer Social Work


Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies


K.Goodman (

I have been a qualified social worker for over 30 years, nearly 20 of those in practice working in London. My practice focus has been with children and families as a Social Worker, Senior Practitioner, Child Protection Officer and then as a Learning and Development Manager for a Local Safeguarding Children’s Board. As a Child Protection Officer, I chaired child protection conferences, strategy meetings including allegations against professionals and organised abuse. My role as a Learning and development manager included writing policy and practice guidance on areas including domestic violence and the management of serious case reviews, I also chaired serious case reviews.   Another key part of my safeguarding role was developing and running inter-agency training. These practice interests have continued into my role as a full-time lecturer over the last 13 years. I have taught and managed BA, MA and Post Qualifying Programmes. My research interests have included interprofessional collaboration in child protection and anti-discriminatory practice, the policy process in child protection, child sexual abuse and exploitation, outcomes for looked after children, and the role of service users and carers in the development and delivery of social work in higher education.