Professor Marjorie Mayo

Marjorie is interested in community education and development, community cohesion and social solidarity.

Staff details

Professor Marjorie Mayo


Emeritus Professor of Community Development


Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies


m.mayo (

Academic qualifications

BA, Msc, PhD

Areas of supervision

Community Education and Development, Active Citizenship

Publications and research outputs


Mayo, Marjorie C.; Koessl, Gerald; Scott, Matthew and Slater, Imogen. 2015. Access to Justice for Disadvantaged Communities. Policy Press. ISBN 978-1447311058

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Edited Book

Mayo, Marjorie C.; Craig, G; Popple, K; Shaw, M and Taylor, M, eds. 2011. The Community Development Reader. Bristol: The Policy Press. ISBN 978-84742-705-2

Book Section

Rooke, Alison. 2013. Contradiction, collaboration and criticality: Researching empowerment and citizenship in community-based arts. In: Marjorie C. Mayo; Zoraida mendiwelso bendek and Carol Packham, eds. Community Research for Community Development. hampshire: palgrave macmillan, pp. 150-169. ISBN 978-1- 137- 03473-1

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Mayo, Marjorie C.. 2010. Competing Perspectives, definitions and approaches. In: Marjorie C. Mayo and John Annette, eds. Taking Part? Active Learning for Active Citizenship, and beyond. Leicester: niace, pp. 41-60. ISBN 978-1-86201-435-0


Mayo, Marjorie C.. 2013. Providing access to justice in disadvantaged communities: Commitments to welfare revisited in neo-liberal times. Critical Social Policy, 33(4), pp. 679-699. ISSN 0261-0183

Mayo, Marjorie C.; Mendiwelso-Bendek, Zoraida and Packham, Carol. 2012. Learning to take part as active citizens: emerging lessons for community organising in Britain. Voluntary Sector Review, 3(2), pp. 179-195. ISSN 2040-8056

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Mayo, Marjorie C.; Koessl, Gerald; Scott, Matthew and Slater, Imogen. 2012. Accessing social justice in disadvantaged communities: dilemmas for Law Centres in the context of public service modernisation. Project Report.

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Research Interests

Community Education and  Development, Community Cohesion and Social Solidarity, Participation, Active Citizenship, Global citizenship