Helen Omand

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Position Associate Lecturer, MA Art Psychotherapy Co-convener, Foundation in Art Psychotherapy
Email h.omand (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7904
Helen Omand

Helen Omand is an HCPC registered art psychotherapist with experience working with children and adults. Her interests include studio art therapy, arts in health, and the relationships between artistic practice and working as an art therapist. She regularly exhibits with an artist/art therapist collective.


Book Section

Omand, Helen. 2019. Approaches to images: an art therapist’s perspective on photographic images of pain used to communicate the experience of pain in medical consultations. In: Deborah Padfield and Joanna M Zakrzewska, eds. Encountering Pain. London: UCL Press.


Omand, Helen and Padfield, Deborah. 2019. New Contexts: what art psychotherapy theory can bring to an understanding of using images to communicate the experience of pain in medical pain consultations. ATOL: Art Therapy OnLine, 10(2),

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Hoyes, Beth; Omand, Helen and Salim, Deba Anna. 2017. A Collective Response to the Collected Works of D.W. Winnicott. With artwork and written responses from the Winnicott Wednesdays Artist Art Psychotherapist Collective. ATOL: Art Therapy Online, 8(2),

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