Adi Staempfli

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Adi Staempfli


Part-Time Lecturer and Learning Lead for the Practice Supervisor Development Programme Consortium


Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies


a.staempfli (

I am a registered social worker with 15 years’ experience of working directly with adult service users in multidisciplinary and statutory substance misuse and mental health settings in London and Berne, Switzerland.

As an educator, my interests are in professional and work based, as well as situation based learning and reflective practice. Having previously developed and convened the MA Professional Leadership in SW, since 2018 I have been part of the Practice Supervisors Development Programme.

I am co-president of the Association Network Key Situations in Social Work

Academic qualifications

  • PhD, Goldsmiths, University of London (2020)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies Higher Education (2012)
  • MSc Drugs in Society: Policy and Intervention (2005)
  • Mental Health Social Work Award CCETSW -Certificate “Approved Social Worker Training” (1998)
  • Practice Teacher Award (1996)
  • dipl. Sozialarbeiter FH (1991)


My teaching interests are in the following domains

  • Practice Learning and Practice Education
  • Adult Learning and Reflective Practice
  • Communities of Practice
  • Linking theory and practice
  • Research Methods

Featured publications

Refereed Journal articles

STAEMPFLI, A. & FAIRTLOUGH, A. 2019. Intervision and professional development: an exploration of a peer-group reflection method in social work education.

STAEMPFLI, A., TOV, E., KUNZ, R. & TSCHOPP, D. 2016. Improving professionalism through reflection and discourse in communities of practice: The key situations in social work model and project. The Journal of Practice Teaching and Learning, 14, 59-79.

STAEMPFLI, A., ADSHEAD, L. & FLETCHER, J. 2015. Ready for Qualified Practice? A Comparative Study of Capability for Critical Reflection and Analysis of MA Social Work and MA Step Up to Social Work Students at the End of Second Placement. Social Work Education, 34, 952-966.

STAEMPFLI, A., KUNZ, R. & TOV, E. 2012. Creating a bridge between theory and practice: working with key situations. European Journal of Social Education, 22/23, 60-78.


TOV, E., KUNZ, R. & STÄMPFLI, A. 2016a. Schlüsselsituationen der Sozialen Arbeit.  Professionalität durch Wissen, Reflexion und Diskurs in Communities of Practice,2nd revised ed., Bern, hep.

TOV, E., KUNZ, R. & STÄMPFLI, A. 2013. Schlüsselsituationen der Sozialen Arbeit. Professionalität durch Wissen, Reflexion und Diskurs in Communities of Practice, Bern, hep.

Book chapters

TOV, E., KUNZ, R., STAEMPFLI, A., TSCHOPP, D. & EUGSTER STAMM, S. 2015. Creating a Common Language between Academics and Practitioners throuth Negotiation of Meaning in Communities of Practice (CoPs). In: SHARMA, S. & ZIRKLER, M., eds. International dialogs amongst research and practice – getting insights and taking action., 2015 Wädenswil, Switzerland. Bangaluru, India: IBA Publications, 92 - 102.

STÄMPFLI, A,; KUNZ, R. &TOV, E. 2014. Schlüsselsituationen der Sozialen Arbeit als Scharnier zwischen Theorie, Wissenschaft und Praxis. In: Oestreicher, Elke & Unterkoffler, Ursula (ed.). Wissensentwicklung in Professionen. Herausforderungen für Wissenschaft und Praxis. Leverkusen-Opladen: Budrich Uni-Press. 237 - 262.

KUNZ, R., STÄMPFLI, A. & TOV, E. 2014. Schlüsselsituationen der Sozialen Arbeit - durch Reflexion und Diskurs Wissen explizit und nutzbar machen. Zum Beispiel beim Praxisausbildungsgespräch. In: Merten, Ueli & Roth, Claudia (eds.) Praxisausbildung konkret. Leverkusen: Budrich. 175 – 198.


Staempfli, Adi. 2020. Practice-Based Design for Professional Learning and Knowledge Sharing: Adapting the ‘Key Situation Model’ for Social Work in England. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London [Thesis]

Television & Video Output

Grants & Awards

  • 2017: TaLIC: Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre Fellowship Award for the Key Situation in English Social Work Research: £1,400
  • 2015: Department of Education and Department of Health: Early Adopter Teaching Partnership: Team member
  • 2015: Triborough Adults Services: Developing ASYE and CPD approaches and critical reflection on key situations: Project Lead: £7,312
  • 2014 - 2015: Gebert Rüf Foundation - Social Innovation: Project #KeySituations: Project Co-Lead: CHF 288'000 (£ 188’000)
  • 2013 - 2014:South East London Step Up to Social Work Board: Research project: Ready for practice?: Project Lead: £ 9’950
  • 2013: Förderfonds HSA FHNW: Book publication “Schlüsselsituationen in der Sozialen Arbeit”: Team member: CHF 11‘500(£ 7’667)

Professional activities

  • Member of BASW
  • Co-president of the Association Network Key Situations in Social Work

Research Interests

I am particularly interested in reflective learning and practice-based research and development focussing on how to develop and support knowledgeable and ethical practice.

Areas of supervision

Adult and organisational learning, supervision, reflective practice, evidence-informed practice, mental health, substance use, social work as a profession nd discipline, virtual learning and communities of practice.