Dr Carmen Yau

Staff details

Dr Carmen Yau


Lecturer in Social Work / CDP Convenor & Placement Co-ordinator Research Lead for the Wellbeing Research Programme


Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies


cyau (@gold.ac.uk)

Publications and research outputs


Yau, Carmen. 2023. Making Sense of Sexual Rights of the Disabled in Today’s Social–Cultural–Digital World. Archives of Sexual Behavior, 52(8), pp. 3279-3283. ISSN 0004-0002

Book Section

Fong, Kenneth Nai-kuen and Yau, Carmen. 2024. From Assistive Technology to Universal Design: Meeting the Needs of the Population. In: Kenneth Nai-kuen Fong and Kar-wai Tong, eds. Ageing Care in the Community: Current Practices and Future Directions. Hong Kong: City University of Hong Kong Press. ISBN 9789629376437

Yau, Carmen. 2023. Gender-based violence against women with disabilities: Prevalence and experience. In: Wanhong Zhang; Elisabeth Perioli Bjørnstøl; Peng Ding; Wei Gao; Hanxu Liu and Yijun Liu, eds. Disability, Sexuality, and Gender in Asia: Intersectionality, Human Rights, and the Law. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 168-186. ISBN 9780367771928

Conference or Workshop Item

Yau, Carmen. 2023. 'Women with Physical Disability, Social Media and the Making of Preferred Identity'. In: 5th International Sexuality and Social Work Conference. University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, United Kingdom 18-19 July 2023.


Pentaris, Panagiotis; Evans, David; Hockham, David; Yau, Carmen; Dudley, Alan; Matthews, Kasandra and Hassan, Rania. 2022. LGBT+ Culture in Higher Education. Project Report. University of Greenwich, London.