Opportunities in Theatre and Performance


Our department provides a range of opportunities for students and graduates, including funding, bursaries and additional support.

We have a number of funding sources for studying at Goldsmiths as well as for extra-curricular student projects within Theatre and Performance.

Student Project Fund

The Department of Theatre and Performance Student Project Fund is designed to support our undergraduate and postgraduate students’ independent creative initiatives particularly those that take place outside of the department, for example at festivals and external venues.

The awards assist any student, or group of students, in a theatre or performance-related project. 

Students in the past have used the fund to help them take work out into professional and community contexts and to showcase opportunities.

The department views extra-curricular work as a key learning opportunity for our student community. 

In addition to enabling students to experiment, innovate and develop their own artistic practice in wider contexts, these awards also facilitate significant personal and professional development and supports significant connections with, and entry into, the theatre and cultural industries in the UK and abroad. 

We have a rich history of exciting and innovate student projects that have been awarded by the scheme.

Awards are made in the region of £50.00 - £500.00. 

Please note: the fund is not for personal financial support for students.

There are three awards made annually at different points in the year: 

Autumn Gold

This award is for projects that will be held in the Department of Theatre and Performance / College and take place in the Autumn Term.

Spring Sites and Encounters 

This award is designed for projects that will be held offsite, for example, site-specific shows, or work that will take place in different venues or community settings with different audiences and/or participants.

Summer Festivals and Forays

This award supports projects that might be taken to festivals, public events or other venues. 

Modest rehearsal support can be made available during the summer term and summer break to facilitate this work.

It is particularly suitable for BA students who wish to take their Theatre Making 2 productions to festivals or for Theatre Making 3 or MA Performance Making students who want to take their final shows into the professional realm after the completion of their courses.

Making an application

If you wish to apply you will need to:

  1. Read the application criteria and guidelines. Download:Student Project Fund Guidelines
  2. Carefully write your application and be sure that you have provided a full budget. Download: Student Project Fund Application Form. You can ask for some support and guidance on this process from Francesca Greatorex.
  3. Submit your application form including full budget to Francesca Greatorex by the set deadline.

Assessment criteria 

All projects will be assessed on:

  • Artistic quality, in particular, its innovation and originality
  • How it hopes to engage with an audience/spectators/participants
  • How you will realise your aims and manage the project
  • The budget for your project
  • The number of Goldsmiths students that will be involved in the project


The panel for the Student-Project Fund is made up of five members of T&P staff and is chaired by Francesca Greatorex who coordinates the Fund.

The department contacts students to inform them of the panel decision 2-3 weeks after the deadline.

Successful applications

All successful companies are required to acknowledge the funding they have received from the Department of Theatre and Performance Project Fund, Goldsmiths University of London and include the Goldsmiths logo on all publicity and promotional materials. 

We also ask all companies/students who receive funding to provide the department with 3-8 photographs at the end of the project along with a citation of how the award helped their project for use in our archive of extra-curricular work and on our web pages. 

We would also like to receive any copies of press reviews or evaluations you receive on your work. 

These photographs and reviews should be sent to Francesca Greatorex.

Funding from Goldsmiths Student Union

Students are also strongly advised to consult the Goldsmiths Student Union to investigate the possibilities of joint funding.

The Student Project Fund is coordinated by Francesca Greatorex.

CHASE Studentship Scheme

Goldsmiths is proud to be one of nine members of the CHASE AHRC Doctoral Training Partnership. CHASE, which stands for Consortium for Humanities and the Arts South-East England, is one of 11 Doctoral Training Partnerships funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC).

In 2018 the CHASE consortium offered up to 75 studentships at member institutions, including the Goldsmiths Theatre and Performance Department.  

CHASE funding is available to all UK and EU students and pays full tuition fees for PhD-level study.

It also provides a stipend for living expenses for eligible students. 

CHASE-funded students have access to additional skills training and researcher development opportunities.

Subject to being offered a place, all eligible applications received for PhD study in the Department of Theatre and Performance will be considered for CHASE funding.

New applicants should discuss their interest in the CHASE studentship with their potential supervisor and/or with the Director of Postgraduate Studies, Mischa Twitchin. We urge prospective applicants to contact us as soon as possible to discuss their project.

Further information about CHASE studentships can be found on the CHASE website.

We also offer funding and opportunities for after students graduate.

Associate Artist(s) and Researcher(s) Awards

Associate Artist(s)

The Associate Artist/s Award recognises outstanding success of a student or group of students in the final year major production module (DTA, PPS, C&S) and takes into account the applicants’ track record of practical work over three years of the BA Theatre and Performance programme.

The Associate Artists, who can be a group or an individual, receive a bursary and are nurtured in their first year after graduation from Goldsmiths.

The bursary can be used for research and development, technical and resource support, outreach, mentoring, business development or on other agreed strategies to enhance the award-holders’ transition into the industry.

The Associate Artists are expected in return to undertake outreach work supporting Theatre and Performance at Goldsmiths.

This may entail assisting with events or activities that promote the Department (such as Open Days) and other work that will be negotiated with the Award-holders in advance.

The award is recognised by The Higher Education Achievement Report (HEAR). The Associate Researcher Award recognises an outstanding academic track record and Dissertation.

The recipient acts as a writing and research mentor for undergraduates and assists with events that promote a research culture among students in addition to receiving mentoring from academic staff.

Associate Researcher(s)

The Associate Researcher Award recognises a TaP student’s outstanding academic track record and their exceptional work on the Dissertation.

The award-holders will be mentored and supported in their postgraduate research.

Associate Researchers are expected in return to act as writing and research mentors for undergraduates.

This may entail assisting with events or activities that promote a research culture among students and will be agreed in advance.

The award is recognised by HEAR.

Assistant Technician Graduate Role

Each year, students in their final year of study will have the opportunity to apply for the assistant technician role within the department.

This post is open to students across all programmes in Theatre and Performance and is a year-long contract.

Within the role, you will assist our technicians in lighting, sound, scenography and costume, and help with the running of events and performances that are held in the department.

Applicants do not have to be exceptionally skilled in technical practice, just enthusiasm and a willingness to learn are required.

This is a chance to learn as you work to hone your craft in a familiar and nurturing environment, supported by industry professionals with a breadth of expertise.

The role is a great opportunity to network and build your experience, which can act as a stepping stone into the world of professional work.

The post runs from September each year for 12 months.


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