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Engage with the alumni community and learn from the extensive knowledge and experience contained within it.

The global Goldsmiths community of more than 60,000 alumni, students and staff is joined together by their experience of learning, working and growing with us in New Cross.

They include leaders in the creative industries, pioneers in teaching and social work and award-winning artists, musicians and filmmakers. And they include the leaders of the future.

Goldsmiths Connect is an online platform that allows individuals in the Goldsmiths community to enter into conversations with one another.

If you haven’t received an email inviting you to join Goldsmiths Connect, update your details or email alumni ( Read the FAQ if you have any questions about the platform.

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Goldsmiths Connect allows alumni all over the world to network, keep in touch and give something back.

You can share your experience of being a student or landing your first role after Goldsmiths. You can also seek advice about changing careers or how to navigate a new city if you find yourself moving from your current location. With Goldsmiths Connect, you can become a mentor or mentee and define the nature of the mentoring relationship based on the criteria you select.

You can set up groups or join existing ones based on location, interests and more. You can share resources or explore the online directory of alumni, students and staff.


Goldsmiths Connect lets you access a global network of alumni. You can search alumni profiles from a range of industries based all over the world and get an insider’s advice on what you would like to do with your degree.

Whether you have just started your course or are in your final year, Goldsmiths alumni are here to help. They can answer subject specific questions, offer advice about student life, provide feedback on ideas or projects or become a mentor.

You can also view jobs, post questions and take part in online discussions with students, alumni or staff.


Goldsmiths Connect is a global space allowing for collaboration and partnerships. It is another way of keeping in touch with former students and find out where their degree has taken them.

It is also a place to direct current students for advice, research or even to find a mentor who has gone through the same experience before them. The new network is open to all wherever they are in the world – and in their careers. It is there for those starting out as well as those looking to re-energise their working lives.

Former Staff

Goldsmiths Connect allows former members of staff to keep in touch with Goldsmiths and each other. You can also use it to network, share expertise, post jobs and begin longer-term mentoring relationships based on a range of matching criteria.

As a former member of staff it also provides a space where you can plan reunions and start conversations with peers.

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