Goldsmiths Connect


The moment you first joined Goldsmiths you became part of our community. Goldsmiths Connect is here to help you find and maintain these connections, wherever you are in the world.

Goldsmiths Connect is a social network that is exclusive to our alumni, students and staff. It is completely free to use, accessible through any web browser and lets you:

  • Find and reminisce with classmates, see what they have been up to and stay in touch
  • Discover alumni from every sector and expand your professional network
  • Introduce, employ and offer to act as a mentor to our current and graduating students
  • Ask alumni to be a mentor, for career advice or for specific support such as a CV/application review and interview prep
  • Access library e-resources available to alumni
  • Stay up to date with the latest Goldsmiths news, including our research and events

How to register for Goldsmiths Connect

The platform is exclusive to Goldsmiths alumni, students, staff and former staff. To create an account, visit Goldsmiths Connect and click the ‘Get Started’ button and follow the instructions. You can register with an email address or choose to sign in with Google, Facebook or LinkedIn – with LinkedIn, you can also import your profile.

If you registered with the old Goldsmiths Connect platform, you will need to register again. The new platform has different functionality and to comply with the latest data protection regulations, the process of signing up is not automatic for previous users.

Pending accounts

All new accounts are pending and need to be approved by the Alumni team – this ensures the platform remains exclusive to the Goldsmiths community. Your account will automatically be approved if your details match your Goldsmiths record. If we’re unable to locate your record or if your profile does not match the details we have on file, we will be in touch.

We recommend using the preferred personal email address you gave to the Alumni team (if applicable).

Profile settings and contact information

Your profile will only be visible to other users on Goldsmiths Connect and non-platform users cannot see that you are registered. You can edit what is shown on your profile under your ‘Profile’ and ‘Privacy Settings’. Only you and administrators in the Development and Alumni Office can see your contact details – unless you choose otherwise.

If you want to contact other users initially, we encourage you to use the messaging system within Goldsmiths Connect. Messages will be forwarded to your email address.

Password reset

If you have forgotten your password, click on the ‘Sign in’ button then the ‘Forgot Password’ option. Enter the email address that you used when you registered and follow the instructions. If you cannot remember which email address you used, please open a support ticket. If you registered with LinkedIn, Google or Facebook, you will be prompted to log in with the relevant account.

Terms of use and privacy

Read our terms of use and privacy policy. These can also be found in the footer of the landing pages of Goldsmiths Connect.

Main Features

Feed A home page where users can view and share posts, news, updates, photos, etc.
Profile Individual profile page where users can share photos, information about themselves and their links to other social networks.
Directory The place to search for other users. Searches can be filtered through name, affiliation (e.g. alumni, student, staff), years at Goldsmiths, education, industry and the type of support they are offering or seeking.

One-to-one interaction

Users can message each other either directly within the platform, or deepen their newfound connection by linking through their social media accounts such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Skype and Google.

The platform has a distinct facility for mentoring. Users can indicate whether they are offering or looking for career advice, including CV and application reviews, interview prep or an introduction to current workplace or professional network.

Those looking for a mentor can search via job type, company, industry, and then request a mentoring relationship. If accepted, each relationship can be tracked by both mentor and mentee.
Jobs The platform’s internal job board where users can post opportunities on behalf of their company or employer.
Events Users can create and share their own events on the platform and track registrations and RSVPs.
Groups Users can join groups within the network. Each group has a separate feed where members can post discussions, photos and events. These groups can be organised based on location, programmes, events or affiliation (e.g. alumni, student, staff).


User Guide

A how-to guide for using Goldsmiths Connect is coming soon and will be available on the platform.

If you have any further questions, please contact alumni (