Thank you 2023

Celebrating the variety of ways our supporters and alumni have helped students at Goldsmiths in 2023.

Welcome to the 2023 Goldsmiths Annual Review. We are grateful for all your support helping underprivileged students throughout this year. This report is for you; our dedicated alumni and supporters.

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The Equity Awards

Scholarships and bursaries – how your donations help

Here are just two of the Equity Award recipients explaining how the Award has helped them. Students are able to buy equipment, pay for travel and other expenses as well as benefit from peer-to-peer support and academic input.

“I am the first in my family to go to university. I plan to purchase a new cello and I was able to buy a new iPad. I want to break down the barriers for students like me to be able to access musical education. I would not have been able to achieve my dream without the Equity Award.”

Joquan Johnson, Equity Scholar

Joquan Johnson, Equity Scholar

"As a Romani gypsy, I struggled with hate and bullying throughout my education which meant often I would not attend school. When I applied to university, as my mum wanted a better life and future for me, I saw the 'scary monstrous' loan. I came across the Equity Award. It has helped me stay close to and live with my family which is a top priority for gypsy families.”

Scarlett Smith, Equity Scholar

Scarlett Smith, Equity Scholar

Celebrations and impact in 2023 – breaking down barriers to student success 

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Equity scholars with Dr Marl’Ene Edwin and Dr Matthew Carlile reveal their findings

The Equity Awards give direct financial, academic and network support to students who face additional barriers to success in their studies.   

Goldsmiths has celebrated its second year of Equity Awards supporting Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students. The first cohort is now in its final year. 

The complementary strands of support are designed to actively address the degree awarding gap, which is the fact that, at a national level, a lower proportion of students from Black, Asian and minority ethnic backgrounds are awarded First or Upper Second-class degrees compared to white students.  

At an event in January 2023, Equity Scholars joined with senior academic and leadership colleagues and donors to explore the impact of the programme so far.  

Four Equity Scholars presented their work on the Illuminate project, an innovative, participatory approach to evaluate the impact of the Equity Awards led by Goldsmiths’ Dr Matthew Carlile. This method was deeply participatory, challenging tokenism, and had an immediate impact on participants: students were given a voice whilst acquiring transferrable research skills.  

The findings were that the Programme was effective at helping students attend and remain on their courses due to the additional funding provided and that the mentoring and peer-to-peer support was invaluable. 

The City of London Corporation Combined Education Charity supports Goldsmiths

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Director of Development and Alumni Relations, Alison Woolley with City of London Corporation Combined Education Charity colleagues

In May 2023, The City of London Corporation Combined Education Charity agreed a grant of £320,000 to support 35 Equity Awards for the next three years from 2023-2024. 

“We are committed to preparing young people to flourish in a rapidly changing world by providing access to exceptional education, cultural and creative learning and the skills which link to the world of work. 

Our funding demonstrates the City Corporation’s commitment to higher education and our support for lifelong learning, especially to people who would not otherwise get the opportunity to study at Undergraduate level. We are therefore delighted to offer this funding to Goldsmiths.”  

- Chair of The City of London Corporation’s Education Board, Caroline Haines

A celebration of the Equity Awards

Eight people pose for the camera in front of a sign that reads 'Goldsmiths Equity Awards'

Reception hosted by Bootle Hatfield law firm for the Equity Awards, 25 May 2023

Boodle Hatfield, a long-established city law firm, generously hosted Goldsmiths to help us celebrate the impact of the Equity Awards.  

The guest speaker was Lady Edwina Grosvenor who commended Goldsmiths for reaching its first hundred Equity Awards and for its efforts to close the Awarding Gap.  

She acknowledged the importance of supporting the Equity Awards initiative at Goldsmiths and welcomed the College’s commitment to change both within and beyond its campus. 

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Goldsmiths Alchemy at work 

A group of seven teenagers pose for the camera

Alchemy students together in a Saturday morning workshop at Goldsmiths

“Alchemy began six years ago as a pilot music mentoring and youth work project. We have seen a community of artists, teachers, industry professionals, local schools and organisations, university students, parents and young people come together with a clear collective intention; to offer a safe space to support young people in Lewisham to develop transferable creative music skills."

Mikey Kirkpatrick, Programme Director

Five years in, the programme is now exploring new avenues. Alchemy has secured funding from the Vernon Ellis Foundation for the next three years to carry out the Alchemy Masters Programme, which will give young people of 18 and over, with at least two years' experience at Alchemy, the chance to train as next-generation Alchemy project designers and facilitators. On completion of the programme, they can then deliver Alchemy elsewhere in the community. 

A group of young people pose outside a church in Stoke Newington with their hands raised in celebration.

Alchemy students take over The Old Church Stoke Newington, July 2023

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Celebrating thirty years of Art Therapy scholarships 


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Sir Michael Burton GBE with Corinne Burton Art Therapy student scholars

An anniversary event marking 30 years of the Corinne Burton Memorial Trust (CBMT) scholarship for Art Psychotherapy students at Goldsmiths was held on campus in March 2023. 

Corinne Burton scholars from across the years and their families gathered alongside Sir Michael Burton GBE, Chair of the CBMT, Trustees and Goldsmiths staff and students, for a celebratory reception of the 30-year partnership. 

Sir Michael and Georgia Arben-Crowther stand facing the camera holding a certificate between them

Sir Michael with Georgia Arben-Crowther

This year's recipient, Georgia Arben-Crowther was presented with the Corinne Burton Scholarship for 2022-23. “I feel it a great honour, especially on this 30th anniversary of the Corinne Burton Scholarship, to have this opportunity to enter a field of extremely important work, connecting people in cancer care to art therapy.” 

“It feels surreal and brilliant. I am excited to join this community at Goldsmiths; this is so specific to what I would love to do. End-of-life settings are extremely important and can be really overlooked.”

Georgia Arben-Crowther, recipient of the Corinne Burton Scholarship for 2022-23

Professor David Oswell, Professor in Sociology and Pro-Warden for Research, Enterprise and Knowledge Exchange: “The Corinne Burton Memorial Trust is a loyal and long-term friend of the College. Goldsmiths is incredibly privileged to have enjoyed your support for the past 30 years. The assistance you have given 32 extraordinary students at Goldsmiths to realise their potential and make a meaningful contribution to the care and dignity of patients in this country, is beyond measure.”  

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Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) – fifth birthday celebration 

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Attendees at Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art’s 5th anniversary celebration

Goldsmiths Centre for Contemporary Art (CCA) has recently celebrated the fifth anniversary of its opening. 

Sarah McCrory, Director of the CCA, is proud to have been at its helm. From new commissions, historical presentations, group shows and solo exhibitions, the gallery brings world-class art and artists to South East London, alongside a far-reaching engagement programme aimed at providing opportunities to engage thousands of local students, young people, families, and schools in contemporary art. 

“Goldsmiths CCA is a very different institution to what it was five years ago, I have run the organisation in a way to allow it to grow, develop and find its own space amongst our talented London neighbours, and to incorporate work by Goldsmiths academics and scholars.  We now occupy a unique position in London, though our mission is the same.”  

Thank you to you all for your continued support over the past five years which enables us to be able to continue to develop and deliver the very important work that we do.

Sarah McCrory, Director Goldsmiths CCA

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Thank you to our alumni community

Support for Goldsmiths goes a long way

We would like to say a big thank you to our community of 85,000 alumni in 160 countries who have continued to support Goldsmiths in 2023.  We are very grateful to alumni who have generously donated a total of £60,400 in regular gifts and towards our Cost of Living Crisis Appeal, which raised a total of £13,000. This appeal supported vulnerable students struggling due to the cost of living crisis.  

We are also grateful to our alumni and friends who have chosen to leave a gift in their will to Goldsmiths.  

A very special thanks to our alumni who contributed over 200 volunteering hours and offered mentorship services as part of the Goldsmiths Mentoring Scheme. This supported Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students as well as disabled students and Gold Award students.  

Thank you to all our alumni and supporters. Without your dedicated support, this would not be possible.  

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