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As alumni you have first-hand experience and expertise to share with the Goldsmiths community: from the moment you first considered applying, all the way through to graduation and what life is like after Goldsmiths.

Why we need your help

In an increasingly competitive job market, it is important that students and graduates can make informed decisions and gain the experience they need to pursue their chosen careers. For many, it may make a critical difference to the path they take during and after their studies.

Our volunteers make it possible for current and former students to access the skills and expertise contained within the Goldsmiths community.

We know from speaking to those who currently volunteer that it is a truly rewarding experience and can make a real difference to our students as well as those who have recently completed their studies.

How it works

Choose what you would like to do

Visit our list of all current opportunities – this includes ongoing opportunities such as providing a graduate profile, mentoring on Goldsmiths Connect and becoming an Alumni Ambassador, as well as opportunities with specific deadlines such as speakers at Open Days or on career panels.

Tell us what you are interested in

Fill in this form so we can find out more about you and what type of volunteering you might be interested in - and know that we can contact you about volunteering at Goldsmiths.

Get started

Take a look at the opportunities page to find out how to get started. For some types of volunteering you can contribute immediately and in your own time. For other types, we will need to contact you to give you more information about how it works, or ask a little more about you. 

For those wanting to offer a placement or internship, we work with our colleagues in the Careers Service who will be in touch with you directly.

Get support

Alumni who have been matched with the appropriate volunteering opportunity will be supported by the Alumni Relations team.

The support varies depending on the type of volunteering. Those volunteering in person can expect a named contact and brief to let them know all the logistics and requirements. We have a range of other materials to support our volunteering events, from videos to toolkits and faqs.

What happens if I don’t get selected to volunteer?

We aim to only match alumni with relevant opportunities. This ensures a rewarding experience for all involved. However, it also means we may not find a match for everyone.

If there are no appropriate opportunities for you at the time, you will be included on our volunteer mailing list and kept informed throughout the year.

Thank you

We recognise volunteer contributions by including their name on our thank you page, alongside our donors, and by thanking them in person at our annual thank you reception.


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