Alumni volunteering

As alumni, you have first-hand experience and expertise to share with the Goldsmiths community.

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This can be from the moment you first considered applying, all the way through to graduation and what life is like after Goldsmiths.

Why we need your help

Changes in the higher education landscape have impacted everyone involved – the increasing cost of studying at university, reliance on student numbers for income and emphasis on graduate outcomes.

In this climate, it is important that students and graduates can make informed decisions and gain the experience they need to pursue their chosen careers. For many, it may make a critical difference to the path they take during and after their studies.

Our alumni volunteers are well placed to help and make it possible for current and former students to access the skills and expertise contained within the Goldsmiths community.

We know from speaking to those who currently volunteer that it is a truly rewarding experience and can make a real difference.

Areas you can support

  • Encouraging students to apply to study at Goldsmiths
  • Supporting international student mobility
  • Increasing retention through mentorship
  • Facilitating graduate employability
  • Engaging and growing our global network of alumni allies
  • Providing advisory and governance support to Goldsmiths
  • Lending expert guest voices for students and staff
  • Advocating on behalf of Goldsmiths

Submit your expression of interest

There are many types of volunteering activities that alumni can express their interest in.

Complete our form and we will be in touch when there is a current and relevant opportunity.


  • Speaker - Inspire students by speaking at a careers event for your sector and/or academic department
  • Recruiter - Share your experience with prospective students at events, recruitment fairs or open days, or for a set period of time, respond to their emails
  • Mentor - Empower students in expanding their skills, experience and professional network as a mentor. These may be in a one-to-one or group setting
  • Advocate - Provide advisory and governance support as a committee member, be the face of a campaign or advocate on our behalf through policy work
  • Event organiser - Maintain a sense of community and connect our global network by organising an alumni event
  • Employer or partner - Offer a work placement, which is accredited and unpaid, to provide students with practical industry experience