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Annie Guo

Annie Guo profile

Annie originally trained as a classical Chinese dancer from the age of ten before moving on to train in contemporary ballet; she subsequently attended Beijing Dance Academy and graduated with a BA in Musical Theatre Performance.

She first came to Goldsmiths in 2004 to study for her MA as a Producer in Musical Theatre. In 2008 she completed a course in Business Financial Forecasting and Marketing at the London Business Study Centre. 

Her vision is to create a bridge between Eastern and Western culture, especially between China and the UK, not only in the teaching of language but also in the cross-cultural exchange of education, arts, history, customs and other social and cultural aspects.

Michael Dutton

Michael Dutton profile

Professor Michael Dutton joined the Politics and International Relations department in 2006, having previously taught in Australia where he was also educated.

His research is characterized by a strong interest in contemporary social and cultural theory wed to a specific 'archive' called China. This has led to a range of rather disparate set of issues that quite often move his work out of the specifics of China. His current interests include an investigation of the politics of the gift, a study of the friend/enemy distinction, and an appreciation of the importance of everyday life in the flow of politics.


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