Civic Catalysts

Civic Catalysts is a programme of activity designed to help link Goldsmiths research to the needs of the diverse communities within the London Borough of Lewisham.

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Linked to the Goldsmiths Civic University Agreement (CUA), the aim of this programme is to bring researchers together with local partners and support them in developing partnerships, piloting ideas, and undertaking projects that will make a positive impact locally.

How it works

The programme provides networking opportunities, events and one-to-one support to help connect Goldsmiths research to local needs and concerns. There are also opportunities for catalyst funding to help get projects off the ground.

Civic Catalysts aims to initiate projects that relate to at least one of the priority areas set out in the Goldsmiths Civic University Agreement (CUA) (2021).  

  1. Educational opportunities and learning aspirations
  2. Economic prosperity, jobs and growth
  3. Culture, health and wellbeing
  4. Environmental sustainability

More detail on our ambitions under each of these areas can be in the full CUA.

Grant funding

Supported by funding from Research England, grants of up to £4,000 are currently available as part of this scheme. We anticipate making 3-4 awards in this round.

This funding is intended to support collaborative projects that use ‘participatory research’ methodologies to address local issues related to the priority areas outlined above. Examples of activity might include (but are not limited to):

  • Research or evaluation exercises focussed on improving a local public / community service
  • Scoping activities or pilot schemes for larger projects (for example trying out a small-scale training programme)
  • Developing a new resource, analysing a data-set, providing practical assistance to address an identified issue (e.g. developing digital or other infrastructure)
  • Net zero or environmentally focussed projects (for example climate education or outreach initiatives, projects exploring air pollution or work with local parks, green spaces, waterways)
  • Co-produced, problem-solving or action research related to any of our CUA priorities

Projects are welcomed which respond directly to specific actions outlined within the CUA, or that cut across more than one priority /action area to respond to complex societal issues such as the cost-of-living crisis.

Projects can be led either by a Goldsmiths researcher or a local partner, but must involve participants from both Goldsmiths and at least one other local organisation (there is no restriction on sector or research discipline).

If you are external to Goldsmiths and would like help in finding a relevant researcher at the university, please contact


Download the grant criteria and application form:

The deadline for applications is Monday 12 December, 5pm. Projects need to be completed by 30 June 2023.

Email for help with applying.