Megan Anne Vaughan B.A. PhD. FBA


Smuts Professor of Commonwealth History, University of Cambridge
Fellow of King’s College, Cambridge

Principal publications

2005, Creating the CreoleIsland: Slavery in Eighteenth Century Mauritius, Duke University Press

(in press 2007) ‘Scarification in Africa: re-reading colonial evidence’ Cultural and Social History

(in press, 2007) with Sloan Mahone (eds), Psychiatry and Empire, Palgrave.

(in press 2006) ‘Africa and the Birth of the Modern World’ Transactions of the Royal Historical Society, 2006 (written version of lecture given in March 2005)

2005 : ‘Mr Mdala Writes to the Governor: Negotiating Colonial Rule in Nyasaland’, History Workshop Journal, August 2005

2001 ‘Slavery and Identity in  Eighteenth Century Mauritius’ in E.A. Alpers and V. Teelock (eds), History, Memory and Identity, Port Louis, Mauritius

2001 ‘Reported Speech and Other Forms of Testimony’ in Luise White, Stephan Miescher and David William Cohen (eds), African Words, African Voices, Indiana University Press

2001 ‘Slavery and the Creole Memory’ in Marie-Luise Angerer and Henry Krips (eds), Der Andere Schauplatz: Psychoanalyse, Kultur, Medien, Vienna, Turia+Kant

2000 ‘Smallpox, Slavery and Revolution: 1792 in Ile de France’, Social History of Medicine, vol 13: 411-428

1998 ‘Exploitation and Neglect: Rural Producers in Malawi and Zambia’, in D. Birmingham and P. Martin (eds), History of Central Africa: the contemporary years, London: Longman

1994 (with Henrietta Moore), Cutting Down Trees: Gender, Nutrition and Agricultural Change in Northern Province, Zambia, 1890-1990, London: James Currey. Winner of the Herskovits Prize, African Studies Association (USA).

1991 Curing Their Ills: Colonial Power and African Illness, Cambridge: Polity Press

1987 The Story of an African Famine: Gender and Famine in Twentieth Century Malawi, Cambridge : CUP