Religious Literacy

The Religious Literacy Programme originated in a partnership of leading UK universities.

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The Religious Literacy Programme originated in a partnership of leading UK universities and is based in the Faiths and Civil Society Unit at Goldsmiths, University of London, which provides practical solutions to the challenges of ‘doing’ civil society through informed, rigorous debate and theory; new and innovative research in practical settings; and intensive networking between researchers, policy-makers and key practitioners. Its Director is Professor Adam Dinham.

The Cambridge Coexist Programme is a marriage between the academic expertise of the Cambridge University Inter-Faith Programme and the outreach and ambition of the Washington-based Coexist Foundation. Coexist is a non-profit organisation creating understanding across divides. Its UK based Director of Programmes is Michael Wakelin, a former Head of Religion and Ethics at the BBC.

Religious Literacy in Higher Education is about:

  • Supporting the best experience for students and staff of all faith backgrounds and none
  • Limiting ‘equalities’ challenges and litigation relating to religion and belief
  • Supporting international students and staff from a range of faith and cultural backgrounds with sensitivity and skill
  • Addressing good campus relations, especially in the context of freedom of speech
  • Considering how faith communities might contribute on issues such as unemployment, poverty, social justice and the environment