Religious Literacy in Equality and Human Rights


Linda Woodhead has said that "there is a risk that so much resource goes into producing new research that what already exists is insufficiently digested and ‘used’, both within the academic community and beyond."

That really is the starting point of the EHRC Religious Literacy project, which consists of three sets of activities:

1. An analysis of the research and other work already undertaken by EHRC in this area

2. To facilitate dialogues considering the possibilities for a better quality of conversation about religion and belief.

3. To produce reports intended as a basis for exploring effective approaches and alternatives. They are intended to articulate what has been said in the dialogues themselves and thereby to represent the fullest range of approaches and starting points we’ve heard.

Please find below a full list of resources emerging from the project, which we hope will be of help:

Programme Summary

Programme Summary Appendix I

Literature Review

Stakeholder Interviews

Dialogue I

Dialogue II

Dialogue III

Dialogue IV

Summative Conference

Prof Dinham Findings Presentation