What to expect


Who are we hoping to consult?

We will generate new theories and cutting edge research in the area of religion, belief, public life and public policy.

1)      30 minute interviews with approximately 20 global experts working in the area of religion, belief and public life.

2)      An intensive three day colloquium at Gladstone’s Library in May 2015.

3)      A policy summit involving UK government, civil servants, local authorities, think tanks and other sections of the public and private sector.

4)      A series of presentations at similar centres of research into religion, belief and public policy including Melbourne, Ottawa, Boston and Helsinki.

Making the findings public

We hope that our findings will resonate and inform a number of different audiences including grassroots and stakeholder communities, public policy and service providers, equalities and human rights constituencies, academia and think tanks across the UK and internationally.

1)      Video clips from the public policy and international symposia will be uploaded for public viewing.

2)      A variety of user-friendly briefing and reports will be disseminated and focussed via social media platforms and other public spaces of engagement.

3)      Transcripts of interviews, reports and proceedings will all be archived on our website for public scrutiny and comment.

4)      Three journal articles, an edited volume and a monographed book from Adam and Chris will also be produced over the lifetime of the project.