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Turner Prize 2015 winners Assemble are transforming Goldsmiths' Laurie Grove Baths into a contemporary art gallery

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Early illustration of the plans

Assemble are a London based architecture collective who work across the fields of art, design and architecture, creating projects in partnership with the communities who use them. Comprised of 18 members, they promote direct action and embrace a DIY sensibility.

Assemble’s innovative design proposal has helped us to see how we can develop a strong identity for the gallery that reflects the ethos of experimentation and intellectual engagement that defines Goldsmiths.

More than 80 companies responded to a nation-wide call for expressions of interest in the project to build a Gallery at Goldsmiths. After being shortlisted down to six entries, Assemble were chosen as the winning designers by a panel chaired by Sir David Chipperfield.

Their design capitalised on the 'raw and robust' construction of the existing baths and included plans to build two additional steel frame 'lanterns' to allow for a varied range of gallery space.

Richard Noble, Head of the Department of Art at Goldsmiths, commented: "As a University, Goldsmiths has been at the forefront of innovative art and culture in Britain for more than a century, and we plan to remain there for centuries to come.

"We hope the gallery will bring the London and international art public to Goldsmiths, while at the same time providing an important impetus to Lewisham’s burgeoning community of galleries, artist-run spaces, architecture practices and design."

Visit Assemble's website to find out more about their work