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Protesters line the streets of New Cross. Photo: Chris Schwarz
Protesters line the streets of New Cross. Photo: Chris Schwarz

One of the most striking realisations to emerge from the project was just how few people are aware of the historic events that unfolded on the streets of Lewisham on 13 August 1977.

Over the anniversary weekend, we heard time and time again from members of the public that the history of the Battle of Lewisham should be more widely communicated, particularly to school children in Lewisham and London as a whole.

As such, we’re collaborating with Lewisham Council and our colleagues in Goldsmiths’ Department of Educational Studies to explore how we can make the resources and insights gathered throughout the project available to teachers and interested members of the public.

In the interim, we would like to make available a selection of materials available to download or borrow, where hard copies exist.

If you are a teacher or anyone who would like to share the history, photography, poetry, and music in an educational context, please contact Dr. John Price j.price (


Pull up banner display versions of this content and fifteen hanging banners featuring iconic images and quotes are available for loan. Contact Dr. John Price j.price ( for more information