Pasold Conference, 11 January 2014


‘Fashioning the Archive: new approaches to materialising textile history’

The Pasold Conference is now finished. For all enquiries, please email Vivienne Richmond at: v.richmond(

Keynote speakers:

Dr Patrik Steorn, Centre for Fashion Studies, Stockholm University
Swedish fashion in the US. A transnational perspective.

‘Fashioning the Archive: new approaches to materialising textile history’ is the second stage of the Pasold Conference at Goldsmiths. A stand-alone event, it also builds on the November 2013 sessions by addressing the same questions, but with an emphasis on dress related papers. ‘Fashioning the Archive’ will explore how tacit knowledge of material and affective relationships can be traced through the words we think (Lakoff & Johnson 1999, 2003) with a view to asking: how can our engagement with textile sources extend our knowledge of the past? What can textiles communicate that other sources cannot? What is textiles’ unique contribution to the advancement of historical understanding and practices?

‘Fashioning the Archive’ is supported by the Pasold Research Fund, Goldsmiths Department of Design, Goldsmiths Department of History, and Goldsmiths Textile Collection & Constance Howard Gallery.


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