Goldsmiths to validate Algebra University College degrees in new partnership

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Students in Croatia will be able to study design, computing, and marketing courses taken in English and validated by Goldsmiths, University of London, through Goldsmiths’ new partnership with Algebra University College, Zagreb.

Image shows a woman (left) and a man in formal clothing sitting at a table signing documents in front of two branded banners and some wooden doors

Warden of Goldsmiths Professor Frances Corner OBE and Algebra University College Dean, Mislav Balković, sign the Algebra-Goldsmiths Academic Partnership Agreement, January 2022

Starting from the academic year 2022-2023 Algebra’s students can opt to study at Algebra under UK and EU standards and obtain both Croatian and UK degrees.

As a result, they will gain degrees respected by employers while supporting the growth and sustainability of the Croatian economy with their knowledge and skills during their programmes and after graduation.

Algebra students will be able to study Design, 3D Design, Multimedia Computing, Digital Marketing, Data Science, Software Engineering, Systems Engineering or Game Development programmes in Zagreb.

The academic quality and standards of the programmes will be underpinned by Goldsmiths’ rigorous quality assurance processes. Upon completion students will receive degrees validated by Goldsmiths and awarded by Algebra. 

Established in 2008, Algebra University College is part of Algebra Group, the largest national provider of adult and lifelong learning in Croatia. A multicultural and multinational hub in the region, the institution attracts students from five continents to its six undergraduate and six postgraduate programmes, MBA study and a wide range of short courses.

For Algebra, the new collaboration aims to improve academic quality and standards across its programmes, and increase the number of students studying in English. This contributes toward the Algebra Development Strategy, which has a target of increasing enrolled students to 2,300 by the end of 2026, of which at least 500 are not Croatian. 

For Goldsmiths, the agreement expands the College’s strategic partnerships portfolio while providing the opportunity to learn from a highly regarded, vocationally oriented education provider. The agreement also offers the potential to work with Algebra on other collaborative activities in future, and helps raise the profile of the College in the region. 

Following a two-year evaluation of Algebra’s academic programmes and institutional infrastructure by British and Croatian academic and professional services staff, the Algebra-Goldsmiths Academic Partnership Agreement was signed in London earlier this month. 

Professor Elisabeth Hill, Pro-Warden Academic at Goldsmiths, University of London said:

“We will collaborate with colleagues at Algebra in ensuring these academic programmes meet the highest quality and standards, are dynamic and responsive to developments in industry, and are informed by the latest research and advancements in teaching practice.

“We are confident that students will enjoy the highest quality learning experiences, undertaking cutting-edge academic programmes that will equip them with the skills to thrive in the fast-paced digital and creative sectors and make a real difference in their communities.” 

Algebra University College Dean, Mislav Balković said: 

“In two cycles of audits of the quality assurance system conducted by Croatian Agency for Science and Higher Education, Algebra University College received the highest possible grades and quality certificates. Our highly developed quality assurance system was a kind of ticket to open a dialogue with Goldsmiths and a pledge for this great success that we achieved by signing this Academic Partnership Agreement.

“During the process of validation of our study programmes, we were additionally convinced of the quality of our partners from London, which prompted us to start double-marking all exams in the current academic year and providing development-oriented feedback to students after each test. These and other approaches that we have adopted, and which are partly the reason why British higher education system is still at the very top of the world, have become our norm in the implementation of study programmes.” 

Professor Frances Corner OBE, Warden of Goldsmiths, University of London, said:  

“We are truly proud of our international partnerships at Goldsmiths and I am delighted that Algebra University College is joining this global community.  

“This partnership will provide more students around the world with access to a Goldsmiths degree. But more than that, it will bring opportunities to build on the strengths of our two institutions, develop our collaboration into new and exciting areas, and ensure all students - wherever they study - have a high quality, rewarding and impactful learning experience.   

“I look forward to a rewarding relationship in the years ahead.” 

Information and applications for studies resulting in a British and Croatian degree are available from the Algebra website. High school graduates can choose Algebra undergraduate studies in English through the official portal of the Agency for Science and Higher Education.