Student’s debut children’s poetry book a hit in Brazil

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A Goldsmiths, University of London English Literature student has new fans among Brazil’s school children and their parents, after publishing a poetry book she started writing at the age of 12. Ticiele de Camargo is now translating her popular book into English and Spanish.

Originally from Porto Feliz, Brazil, Ticiele lived in England for several years and studied web design and photography before arriving at Goldsmiths in 2014 to begin her BA in English Literature. Describing herself as “curious by nature and an early dreamer”, as a child she taught herself Latin, Portuguese and English from her mother’s books. She went on to study English and German at school before moving to England, then Italy – to learn yet another language.

After winning a scholarship to attend Goldsmiths, Ticiele decided to also pursue a childhood dream: to publish her early poetry, then launch it at the respected International Book Fair in Rio. She’s received media attention in her hometown and further afield with articles in the Tribuna das Monções and Entorno Urgente among others, has appeared on national TV, and now boasts a Facebook following of nearly 5,000.

‘Vontade de escrever’ (Like Writing) is a collection of poems and Cordel, a type of popular Portugese folk poetry. Ticiele’s rhymes explore a number of themes: the value of people, the incentive to learn music and foreign languages, the preciousness of friendship and respect for parents.

In a recent interview with Brazilian website Jornal Periscopio, Ticiele explained why she chose these themes: “Once we know what respect means we can bring it out of the house and apply it to our lives, regardless of the environment in which we are or who we are.”

In the book, she also discusses the importance of chasing dreams and not giving up:

"I was always dreaming and I found myself sailing a boat away into the unknown. I tried to approach all this in a simple way and to encourage children to learn to play musical instruments, new languages ​​and singing, even though they think they don’t have the capacity to do it. The book is simple in its writing, but full of deep meanings, which can be easily worked out by adults reading with kids."

Ticiele is currently visiting schools in Brazil and the UK to read from her book, and is working on translating it for new audiences with the hope of publishing in the UK later this year.

'Vontade de escrever' is currently available from the Goldsmiths Library, in Portuguese.

Find out more on Ticiele's Facebook page.