Course dates

Wednesday 6 Apr 2022
9-11am | 2 hours

Course overview

Are you looking to create a deep sense of meaning for yourself and the people around you? This eight-week course is designed to help you develop your ability to lead in all areas of your life.

The ability to lead, often considered as an innate given, can be a learned skill which sits alongside the development of ones own emotional intelligence. This dynamic combination underpins strong and focused teams, whilst enhancing personal satisfaction.

Designed and delivered by Goldsmiths and 29k, this executive training course in Purposeful Leadership is a cutting-edge evolution in leadership development and psychology. It will supercharge your ability to lead and will take learning beyond the classroom by integrating activities that will imbue you with first-hand experience of using these skills in your life. 

This course combines the fundamentals of effective leadership with gold-standard approaches using a cutting edge model (ALIVE), unifying them to pursue success and satisfaction, and elevate them above the sum of a disconnected set of separate leadership techniques.

Furthermore, due to its ability to unify the leadership skills you need to succeed and pursue a purpose, the course ties in key evidence-based organisational skills critical to success, but rarely taught on leadership courses (e.g. such as strategic thinking).

The course is delivered entirely through the free 29k app (Android/iOS), which will enable you to participate in daily quests and small groups. In addition to the course content and quests, you will be invited to a group sharing with 3-4 others each week, and an unrecorded and self-facilitated space where you get to share your key insights from each lesson and connect with others. The groups are formed at the start of the course based on your availability.

Who is this course for

The course is suitable for anyone interested in becoming a better leader. As Leadership is such a critical skill that runs through every aspect of our lives, the course aims to transform your ability to lead using the skills and knowledge to pursue purpose in any situation you're involved in, even if the words CEO, director, or manager aren’t in your title.

About 29K

29k is a foundation that works to increase the quality of people's decision-making, and strengthen their mental health to contribute to a more socially and environmentally sustainable society. It was created by the Norrsken and Ekskaret Foundations in Sweden, and co-created with some of the world's leading researchers, philanthropists, and tech entrepreneurs. The foundation has produced a global platform that transforms the most effective psychological methods into meaningful individual experiences. For more information, visit



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Booking information

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Wednesday 6 Apr 2022
9-11am | 2 hours


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Tutor information

Prof. Frank Bond

I'm developing and testing empirically based, pragmatic-existential models of human behaviour and organisational functioning; these include, the ALIVE model of human understanding, meaning, and performance  (ALIVE is an acronym for Actively Living as an Individual Vitally, Embedded-in-their-world), and, relatedly, the Organisational Flexibility model of improving the performance and health of people in a broad range of work environments.

My research also focuses on relational frame theory and contextual behavioural science in relation to human evolution.

Dr. Jonathan Dowling

My work as an organisational consultant, business psychologist, and academic has always focused on how people can work, live, and interact with one another in ways that make sense and matter to them. Through this work I have consulted with a wide range of organisations from the Health Service Executive and the Law Society of Ireland, to large multinational organisations, international law firms and the European Space Agency. In 2017, Professor Bond and I began to co-create ALIVE, a psychosocial model of how people can engage openly and adaptively in their lives to learn, develop skills, and pursue understanding and purpose. From the ALIVE model we developed a theoretically unified approach to leadership development known as Purposeful Leadership.


Course structure

Lesson 1 - Lead purposefully

Master the magic of leading by tuning in and taking responsibility.



1.   Bond, F. W., & Dowling, J. R. (Manuscript in preparation) Actively Living as an Individual Vitally Embodied (ALIVE).

2. Dreyfus, H. L. (2011). Chapter 2. In On the Internet: Thinking in action. London: Routledge.


Lesson 2 - Transformational leadership styles

Engage others in pursuing purpose, building influence and trust



1. Bass, B. M. (1990). From transactional to transformational leadership: Learning to share the vision. Organizational Dynamics, 18(3), 19-31. doi:10.1016/0090-2616(90)90061-s

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Lesson 3 - Unleash your ability to connect

Free yourself from prior assumptions about others



1. Marian, H., Custers, R., & Aarts H. (2019). Chapter 4: Understanding the Formation of Human Habits: An Analysis of Mechanisms of Habitual Behaviour. In The Psychology of Habit: Theory, mechanisms, change, and contexts. Springer.


Lesson 4 - Socially interact for a purpose

Develop flexible interpersonal styles to effectively work towards shared goals



1. Ferris, G. (2007). Political skill in organizations. Development and Learning in Organizations: An International Journal, 22(1). doi:10.1108/dlo.2008.08122aad.009

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Lesson 5 - Pursue goals that matter

Involve yourself in a way that enables you and your team to pursue purpose



1. Bieleke, M., Keller, L., & Gollwitzer, P. M. (2020). If-then planning. European Review of Social Psychology, 32(1), 88-122. doi:10.1080/10463283.2020.1808936

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Lesson 6 - Amplify strategy with scenario planning

Foresee possible futures and plan for the road ahead



1. Chen, P., Powers, J. T., Katragadda, K. R., Cohen, G. L., & Dweck, C. S. (2020). A strategic mindset: An orientation toward strategic behavior during goal pursuit. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 117(25), 14066-14072. doi:10.1073/pnas.2002529117

2.   Heijden, K. V. (2005). Chapter 9: The Practice of Scenario-based Planning. In Scenarios The Art of Strategic Conversation. Chichester, West Sussex, UK, ENG: John Wiley & Sons.


Lesson 7- Laser focus your purpose and direction

Distil your mission and vision into crystal clear actionable statements



Kantabutra, S., & Avery, G. C. (2010). The power of vision: Statements that resonate. Journal of Business Strategy, 31(1), 37-45. doi:10.1108/02756661011012769


Lesson 8 - Comprehensive benefits of Purposeful Leadership

Living for a purpose can bring a broad range of benefits



1. Fadde, P., Klein, K. (2012). Accelerating Expertise Using Action Learning Activities. Cognitive Technology, 17(1), 11-18.

2. Bond, F. W., & Dowling, J. R. (Manuscript in preparation) Actively Living as an Individual Vitally Embodied (ALIVE). [Students may take away different insights from it having experienced the rest of the course].

Learning outcomes

1. Use existing knowledge, skills, and abilities to see clearly that leadership is far more than corralling human resources to 'get the job done and get home'. Learn to manage success criteria forms essential leadership skills, but such 'instrumental leadership techniques' work far more effectively when a leader is simultaneously implementing a 'culture of purposeful success'.

2. Learn and begin to successfully apply skills such as tuning in, taking notice, and making choices.

3. Use your three core skills to constantly cultivate a cohesive and focused group of individuals they require to accomplish their targets.

4. Learn to guide your colleagues to pursue their targets for a wider purpose. This purpose underpins and motivates the leader and their employees to gather, organise, and focus themselves, their abilities, and their resources, in order to fulfil their targets and ambitions. It is only through actively creating a shared purpose, which includes a shared style of working (e.g., 'We want input from everyone'; 'Everyone matters to everyone, and everyone is needed to do what we need to do, as we want to do it.').

5. Learn to accomplish this 'purpose for performing successfully' by embodying this purpose in how you approach each task that they undertake; for example, a store manager of a large UK grocery chain decided, in consultation with their staff, to establish their 'Store Purpose' as, 'Meeting our targets by showing-up to develop and maintain a community of customers in our neighbourhood' (which was actually an 'area' of Central London!). This purpose informs the way (or style) in which they 'go on doing what they need to do', as one shelf-stocker said.

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