Message from Head of Department


This is ‌also my first year as Head of Department.

We continue to develop our strengths in urban, visual and digital sociology, but also we are investing in human rights and social justice. Research on cultural and political economy provides a basis for thinking about values and value. And the Centre for Feminist Research hosted an event coinciding with the awarding of an Honorary Degree to Angela Davis by the College. Our PhD students showed Angela around the fabulous SPACE & GAZE: Conversations with Jean Mohr & Edward Said in Palestine photographic exhibition, organised by Nirmal Puwar and the Methods Lab. Over the course of the next year, we also see two more anniversaries - the Centre for the Study of Invention and Social Process (10 years) and the Centre for Urban and Community Research (20 years). There is certainly plenty to celebrate!

Professor David Oswell, Head of Department

Evelyn Ruppert (CRESC, Open University), Sara Farris (Princeton), Abby Day (Kent), Rob Imrie (Kings, London), Anja Kanngieser (RMIT and Royal Holloway), Michaela Benson (York), Heidi Mirza (Institute of Education), Dhiraj Murthy (Bowdoin, USA), Mike Featherstone (Nottingham Trent), Tomoko Tamari (Nottingham Trent), Daniel Neyland (Lancaster) Katrina Jungnickel, Vik Loveday, Jennifer Gabrys and Rebecca Coleman (Lancaster).