Recent and current funded research


Goldsmiths Sociology has a long track record of funded research.

Our research has been funded by UK research councils, British Academy, European Union, and charities including Leverhulme, Wellcome and Joseph Rowntree.  We are also in research collaboration with industry, local and national government and public bodies. 


NameTitleFunding BodyStart DateEnd Date
Zhu Di Consumer culture of middle class families in metropolitan China: in the process of social structural changes BA Visiting Fellowship Feb '20 May '20
Ella Harris Re-imagining Crisis: Pop-up Cultures and Precarious Lives in Austerity London ESRC Post Doctoral Fellowship  Oct '18 Sept '19
Kiran Grewal

Creating new social imaginaries and critical democratic communities in post-war Sri Lanka through traditional culture and art

AHRC Research Networking Highlight for Education in Conflict & Protracted Crises Dec '18 Dec '19
Kiran Grewal Building Critical, Democratic & Peaceful Communities in Post-War Sri Lanka BA Sustainable Development Programme Sept '18 Dec '20
Vikki Bell Documentality and Display BA Sustainable Development Programme Sept '18 Dec '20
Fay Dennis Mapping bodies and care practices in making people who use drugs matter Wellcome Research Fellowship Jul'18 Jul '21
Rebecca Coleman Mediating Presents: Producing ‘The Now’ in Contemporary Digital Culture Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship Jul '18 Jun '19
Francisca Gromme Valueing Life in Europe's Overseas Territories: Measuring Material and Economic Welfare in the Caribbean Netherlands BA Leverhulme Small Grant May '18 Oct '19
Laura Henneke UK-China Joint Research & Innovation Partnership Fund British Council Apr '18 Mar '19
Melissa Nolas CONNECTORS ERC Starting Grant Jan '18 Sept '19
Monica Sassatelli Displaying the nation in a Cosmopolitan Age: Britain at the Venice Biennale Paul Mellon Mid-Career Fellowship Jan '18 Apr '18
Caroline Knowles Programme Director BA Cities & Infrastructure Programme Nov '17 May '19
Kirsten Campbell TRANSFORM: Transforming Gender Justice for Conflict-Related Sexual Violence: The Gender Justice ERC Proof of Concept Sept '17 Feb '19
Sara Farris Corporate Care and Migrant Workers in Times of Crisis and Austerity Leverhulme Trust Research Fellowship Sept '17 Aug '18
Caroline Knowles Serious Money: A Mobile Investigation of Plutocratic London Leverhulme Trust Major Research Fellowship Sept '17 Aug '20
Fay Dennis

Making drug-using bodies matter: a sociological exploration of drug use and addiction beyond 'the body' 

FSHI Mildred Blaxter Postdoctoral Fellowship Jul '17 Jun '18
Michaela Benson BrExpats: Freedom of Movement, Citizenship and Brexit in the lives of Britons resident in the European Union ESRC  Jun '17 Mar '19
Catherine Rottenberg The Rise of Neoliberal Feminism Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship Sep '16 Aug '18
Marsha Rosengarten / Emily Nicholls Distangling European HIV/AIDS Policies: Activisim, Citizenship and Health (EUROPACH) Humanities in the European Research Area [HERA] Sep '16 Aug '19
Michaela Benson / Emma Jackson Above Street Level: Rethinking power, place and encounter through the Peckham skyline BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr '16 Aug '17
Monica Greco Biopolitics and Psychosomatics: Participating Bodies Wellcome Trust Apr '16 Jul '16
Mike Upton The medicines dispute and the rise of HIV/AIDS 'denialism' in South Africa BA Leverhulme Small Grant Jan '16 Dec '16
Vikki Bell Re-emerging Pasts: Forums for Truth-telling in Contemporary Argentina and Chile ESRC Oct '15 May '17
Maria O'Reilly Gendered Agency in War and Peace BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr ‘15 Jul ‘16
Vik Loveday Precarity at Work BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr ‘15 May ‘16
Emma Jackson The Choreography of everyday multiculture: Bowling Together? ESRC Jan ‘15 Dec ‘17
Val Gillies Troubled Families and Inter Agency Collaboration: Lessons from Historical Comparative ESRC Dec ‘14 Nov ‘15
Marsha Rosengarten, Martin Savransky & Daniel Neyland ‘Situated efficacy’ as a novel approach to interdisciplinary in the devising and delivery of effective medical and behavioural interventions Brocher Foundation Nov ‘14 Mar ‘15
Katrina Jungnickel Near Miss Project Creative Exchange Oct ‘14 May ‘15
Evelyn Ruppert Peopling Europe: How data make a people (ARITHMUS) ERC Consolidator Grant May ‘14 Apr ‘19
Marsha Rosengarten & Martin Savransky Towards a Concept of Situated Efficacy: An Alternative Mode for Collboration between Social Science and Biomedicine BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr ‘14 Mar ‘15
Anja Kanngieser Sounding Geography: Piloting a method for understanding how we experience our sound worlds BA Leverhulme Small Grant Apr ‘14 Mar ‘15
Mike Upton Patent Fever: HIV/AIDS and the epidemic of intellectual property FSHI Mildred Blaxter Fellowship Mar '14 Feb '15
Alison Rooke Curating Community AHRC Research Grant Feb ‘14 May ‘14
Alison Rooke Creative Collisions and Critical Conversations AHRC Research Grant Feb ‘14 May ‘14
Yasmin Gunaratnam “Go Home”: Mapping the unfolding controversy of Home Office Immigration Campaigns ESRC Urgency Grants Mechanism Nov ‘13 Mar ‘15
Anja Kanngieser Creating Worlds Together ESRC Festival of Science Nov ‘13 Nov ‘13
Nirmal Puwar War, Memory and the Art of Dialogue ESRC Festival of Science Nov ‘13 Nov ‘13
Monika Krause Triaging Values ESRC Oct ‘13 Oct ‘16
Alison Rooke Silver Stories Leonardo Transfer of Innovation Oct ‘13 Sept ‘15
Sara Farris Intersectional Contract. Understanding the Intersection of Gender and “Race”/Ethnic Inequalities in the Care-Domestic Sector in the UK by Means of Racial-Sexual Contract Analysis Marie-Curie Intra-European Fellowship Oct ‘13 Nov ‘15
Rob Imrie Unidesign ERC Advanced Investigator Grant Sept ‘13 Aug ‘16
Rob Imrie Designing inclusive environments: shaping transitions from theory into practice ESRC Seminar Series Sept ‘13 Apr ‘14
Alison Rooke In-Finite: Turning Social Media into a Creative Conversation AHRC Creative Works Programme Sept ‘13 May ‘14
Evelyn Ruppert ARITHMUS: Counting Britain in Europe British Academy Sept ‘13 Aug ‘15
Beverley Skeggs A Sociology of Values and Value ESRC Fellowship Sept ‘13 Aug ‘16
Monika Krause Triaging Human Rights: How Human Rights NGOs allocate resources British Academy Sept ‘13 Aug ‘16
Alison Rooke Community Impact Assessment London & Quadrant Housing 2013  
Katrina Jungnickel Transmission: Knowledge Exchange ESRC / Intel Jul ‘13 May ‘14
Evelyn Ruppert Socialising Big Data ESRC Jun ‘13 May ‘14
Daniel Neyland Market Based Initiatives As Solutions To Techo-Scientific Problems ERC Mar ‘13 Sept ‘18
Katrina Jungnickel Transmission: Interdisciplinary research project involving the making, curating and representing of knowledge Intel Mar ‘13 Jun ‘14
Alison Rooke Urban Biotopes/CUCR - Berlin-Johannesburg Research Collaboration Urban Dialogues / EU Culture Scheme Jan ‘13 Dec ‘15
Jennifer Gabrys Citizen Sensing and Environmental Practice: Assessing Participatory Engagements with Enviroments through Sensor Technologies ERC Jan ‘13 Dec ‘17
Yasmin Gunaratnam Case Stories: Social Pain and Transnational Dying British Academy Jan ‘13 Dec ‘13
Kirsten Campbell The Gender of Justice: The Prosecution of Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict ERC Jan ‘13 Dec ‘16
Roger Burrows, Caroline Knowles Life in the 'Alpha Territory': London's 'Super Rich' Neighbourhoods ESRC Jan ‘13 Jul ‘15
Rebecca Coleman Austerity Futures: Imagining and materialising the future in an age of austerity ESRC Seminar Series Oct ‘12 Sept ‘14
Annie Pfingst Emergency - a Genealogy of Emergency Regulations British Academy Oct ‘12 Mar ‘15
Caroline Knowles What Calculations and Strategies Drive Young Migrants? ERSC Hong Kong Bilateral Oct ‘12 Sept ‘14
Michaela Benson Self-Building: the production and consumption of new homes from the perspective of households ESRC Oct ‘12 Sept ‘15
Rebecca Coleman Austerity Futures: Imagining and materialising the future in an age of austerity ESRC Seminar Series Oct ‘12 Sept ‘14
Noortje Marres Performing environmental change: The politics of methods University of Oslo, CTIC Sept ‘12 Aug ‘13
Alison Rooke Open Minds Evaluation South London & Maudsley Health Trust 2012  
Caroline Knowles From Oil to Garbage: Navigating the Flip Flop Trail Leverhulme Trust Oct ‘12 Sept ‘14
Alison Rooke Future Stages Evaluation Oval House Theatre 2012  
Noortje Marres Issue Lifelines: Implementing the Co-Word Machine ESRC May ‘12  Mar ‘13
Katrina Jungnickel Biennial Conference, EASST 2012 Microsoft 2012  2012
Les Back, Celia Lury, Robert Zimmer (Computing) Real Time Research ESRC / National Centre for Research Methods Dec ‘11 Sept ‘12
Noortje Marres Issue Mapping: Demonstrating the Relevance for Participatory Social Research ESRC Digital Social Research Programme Dec ‘11 Nov ‘12
Les Back Shock and Awe: a hundred years of bombing from above British Academy Nov ‘11 Nov ‘11
Vikki Bell Visual Art and Justice in Argentina (post 1983) AHRC Oct ‘11 Jun ‘12
Vikki Bell UK-Latin America Link Programme British Academy Sept ‘11 Jun ‘12
Alison Rooke Take Part Case Studies ESRC 2011  
Emma Uprichard Food Matters ESRC May ‘11 Apr ‘12
Daniel Neyland Automatic Data relevancy Discrimination for a PRIVacy-sensitive video surveillance FP7 Mar ‘11 Feb ‘14
Bill Gaver (Design), Jennifer Gabrys, Noortje Marres Energy & Co-Designing Communities RCUK Jan ‘11 Jun ‘14
Nina Wakeford, Celia Lury, Sophie Day (Anthropology) Materializing Number through Measure: Sensing, Knowing and Participating Intel Foundation Jan ‘11 Dec ‘13
Mike Michael Sustainability Invention and Energy Demand Reduction: Co-Designing Communities and Practice Energy & Communities Collaborative Venture (ESRC/EPSRC) Jan ‘11 Dec ‘13
Michael Guggenheim Organising Disaster: Civil Protection and the Population ERC Jan ‘11 Dec ‘14
Alison Rooke, Marj Mayo Amicall Project EU Integration Fund Dec ‘10 Aug ‘12
Alison Rooke, Imogen Slater The Extending Creative Practice Grundtvig Partnership Oct ‘10 Aug ‘12
Kevin McDonald Islamic Activism in Europe Today Australian Research Council Feb ‘10 Mar ‘12
Michael Guggenheim “In the Event of …” Anticipatory and Participatory Politics of Emergency Provision Vienna Science and Technology Funds 2010 2012
Alison Rooke Signs of the City EU Culture Fund 2009  
Alison Rooke 3 year evaluation of Southwark Preventing Violent Extremism Programme LB of Southwark 2009  
Alison Rooke Serpentine Skills Exchange Serpentine Gallery Mar ‘09 Jul ‘11
Caroline Knowles Translating Beijing ESRC Bilateral 2008  
Les Back EU Margins The 7th Framework Programme of the European Union May ‘08 Apr ‘10
Kevin McDonald Violence and subjectivity in a global movement: jihadi trajectories in Spain and the United Kingdom European Union, Marie Curie International Incoming Fellowship Feb ‘08 Jan ‘10