Successfully completed PhDs


Here are details of our successfully completed PhDs



Dabrowski, Vicki The role of the state in shaping young women’s experiences of austerity. Supervised by: Bev Skeggs & Rebecca Coleman

Fernandez Ossandon, Rosario The performance of Domestic Labour: Negotiating the reproduction of difference in Chile. Supervised by: Vikki Bell

Haywood, Douglas The Ethic of the Code: Values, Networks and Narrative among the Civic Hacking Community. Supervised by: Brian Alleyne and David Oswell

Le Vay, Lulu Representations and Responses to Surrogacy in the Reproduction of the Family. Supervised by: Bev Skeggs & Rebecca Coleman


McShane, Brian The Place of Trust: Young Masculinities, Relationality and Everyday Violence. Supervised by: Vic Seidler


Perriam, Jessamy Theatres of failure: Digital demonstrations of disruption in everyday life. Supervised by: Daniel Neyland & Noortje Marres


Tonhati, Tania The transnational family: Migration, family and rituals among Brazilian migrant women in the UK. Supervised by David Oswell




Burton, Sarah Crafting the academy: Writing sociology and disciplinary legitimacy. Supervised by: Michaela Benson and Heidi Mirza

Castano Tierno, Pablo The Movement of Household Workers in Evo Morales’ Bolivia: Demands and Polocies (2006-2016). Supervised by: Kate Nash and Sara Farris

Lagos Rojas, Felipe Alejandro The Misadventures of Latin American Marxism: Intellectual Journeys Towards the Deprovincialization of Marxist Thought. Supervised by: Alberto Toscano

Martins Junior, Angelo The production and negotiation of difference in a world on the move: Brazilian Migrants in London. Supervised by: Caroline Knowles and Nirmal Puwar

Nicholls, Emily The making of an AIDS archive: an account of expertise, inter/disciplinarity, and the process of researching. Supervised by: Monica Greco & Marsha Rosengarten

Palma, Felipe The Filmic Artifact of the Atacama Desert or about Translations in Social Sciences. Supervised by: Nirmal Puwar & Monica Sassatelli

Rourke, Robert Habitual Favourites: A Sensory Sociology of Autism. Supervised by: Yasmin Gunaratnam and Mariam Motamedi-Fraser


Baixinho, Alexandra Cruise Ship and Post-industrial Port Cities Dynamics: An Experimental Sensory Ethnographic Approach to Contemporary Social, Spatial and Material Interactions. Supervised by: David Oswell & Caroline Knowles

Blachnicka-Ciacek, Dominika Remembering Palestine: A multi-media ethnography of generational memories among diaspora Palestinians. Supervised by: Nirmal PuwarYasmin Gunaratnam

Dias, Gustavo Brazilian Migration into London: Mobility and Contemporary Borders. Supervised by: Caroline Knowles & Nirmal Puwar

Furman, Ivo Holy Sources of Knowledge: the role of peer-production in the formation of the networked public sphere in Turkey Supervised by: Brian Alleyne & David Oswell

Hahn, Catherine The Political House of Art: The South African National Gallery 1930-2009. Supervised by: Nirmal Puwar

Herman, Ana-Maria The Remediation of the MUM App: Reconfiguring the Museum and its Socio-Cultural Politics. Supervised by: Noortje Marres & David Oswell

Iossifidis, Miranda 'Uprisings do not enter Museums’: Invoking the Athens 1973 Polytechnic Uprising, a Study of Political Myth. Supervised by: Kate Nash 

Karakilic, Emrah The Limits of Cognitive Capitalism. Supervised by: Pam Odih

McKnight, Ulla The Challenge of HIV within an HIV Specialist Antenatal Clinic in London: Providing and Receiving Care within an HIV Diaspora. Supervised by: Vikki Bell & Marsha Rosengarten

Milic, Nela Balkanising Taxonomy: A Digital Archive as an Event – The Case of Belgrade Protest in 1996-1997. Supervised by: David Oswell & Janis Jefferies

Moats, David Decentring Devices: Developing Quali-Quantitative Techniques for Studying Controversies with Online Platforms. Supervised by: David Oswell & Noortje Marres

Phoenix, Aisha Palestinian University Students Narrating Life under Occupation. Supervised by: Les Back & Bev Skeggs

Reddleman, Claire Cartographic Abstraction: Mapping Practices in Contemporary Art. Supervised by: Alberto Toscano and Susan Schuppli 

Saadawi, Ghalya Rethinking the Witness: Art after the Lebanese Wars. Supervised by: Alberto Toscano, AbdulMaliq Simone & Kodwo Eshun

Saleh, Samah The Politics of Sumud: Palestinian women's experience of incarceration under Israeli occupation. Supervised by: David Oswell & Marsha Rosengarten

Veilahti, Antii 'Financial' Crises in Europe: Multilevel Analysis of Youth, Employment and the Economy of Wellbeing From 2007 to 2012. Supervised by: Roger Burrows & Sara Farris

Von Wissell, Christian Re-thinking the peri-urban: a sensory-visual exploration of the making of Mexico City. Supervised by: Caroline Knowles & Nirmal Puwar

Weston, Sian Branding Burberry: Britishness, Heritage, Labour and Consumption. Supervised by: Bev Skeggs


Ammaturo, Francesca Multisexual Citizenship and Human Rights: Questioning the Space of Citizenship for LGBTI Persons beyond Liberty and Equality. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Mia, Shamea Navigating Histories: An Exploration of Identities of Second Generation High-Achieving British Bangladeshi Muslim Young Women Living in North East London. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler & Professor David Oswell

Norman, Caroline Time and Affect about Student Experience in Higher Education. Supervised by: Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam & Dr Nirmal Puwar

Ramirez, Carolina Chilean Diaspora of London. Supervised by: Dr Nirmal Puwar & Professor Vikki Bell

Savransky, Martin The Adventure of Relevance: Speculative Reconstructions in Contemporary Social Science. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Vikki Bell

Trikalinou, Eleftheria Making Visible: The Inhabitation of Public Space by Irregular Immigrants. Supervised by: Professor Rob Imrie

Waller, Alexis (Laurie) Exhibition as Experiment: An Ethnographic Study of Science, Technology and Culture at the Science Museum. Supervised by: Dr Noortje Marres & Dr Michael Guggenheim

Woodcock, James A Workers’ Inquiry in a UK Call Centre: The Labour Process, Management and Resistance. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Dr Alberto Toscano


Berriman, Liam Design and Participation across Young People's Online Spaces. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell

Calafate Faria, Francisco Countercycling: An Ethnographic Study of Waste, Waste-Pickers and Recycling in Curitiba – Brazil. Supervised by: Professor AbdouMaliq Simone & Professor Les Back

Gerson, Yael (Un)masking Neozapatismo: A Multisited Ethnography of the Other Campaign. Supervised by: Dr Nirmal PuwarProfessor David Oswell & Dr Alberto Toscano

Hanson, Steven Small Towns, Austere Times: The Dialectics of Deracinated Localism. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Hassan, Ahmed Sending Remittance as Transnational Kinship Practice: A Case Study of Somali Refugees in London. Supervised by: Professor Roger Burrows & Professor AbdouMaliq Simone

Hassan, Mohamed Transnational Active Citizens: Theorising the Experiences of Young Somali Males in London. Supervised by: Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor Marjorie Mayo

Holland, Daniella Active Citizenship: The Role of Third Sector Adult Education within UK and Devolved Welsh Governments’ Policy Contexts. A Case Study of the Workers’ Educational Association - South Wales. Supervised by: Professor Marjorie Mayo

Jara, Daniela The Aftermath of Political Violence: The Opposition’s Second Generation in The Post-Coup Chile and Its Familial Memory. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Koessl, Gerald Individualisation and Precarisation of Work: An Empirical Study of Working Life Temporalities in Career Portraits and in the London Banking Industry. Supervised by: Dr Alberto Toscano & Professor Lisa Adkins

Kulz, Christy ’Structure Liberates?': Making Compliant, Consumable Bodies in a London Academy. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Dr Kirsten Campbell

Recknagel, Gabriele ‘Activated’, ‘Responsibilised’ or ‘Empowered’? Competing Concepts of Active Citizenship in the Context of Government-Funded Programmes of Active Citizenship Learning in the Third Sector in England. Supervised by: Professor Marjorie Mayo & Professor Adam Dinham

Zacharias, Thomas Multicultural Racism and the Production of the ‘Auslander’ in German Political Discourse 1994 -2002. Supervised by: Professor Les Back


Aragon, Margarita ‘This Ruinous Element’: African and Mexican Americans as ‘Racial Problems’ in Early 20th Century California. Supervised by: Dr Brett St Louis & Dr Ben Gidley

Ariza, Lucia The Normativity of Nature: Morality, Variability and Kinship in the Gamete Exchange. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Boulton, Richard Children with HIV: The Consolidation of Medicine, Science and the Social into the Clinical Practice of Paediatric HIV. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Cardullo, Paolo Walking On The Rim: Towards A Geography Of Resentment. Supervised by: Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor David Oswell

Gerlitz, Carolin Brands and Continuous Economies. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Angela McRobbie

Lange, Ann-Christina Inclusive Differentiation: A Study of Artistic Techniques and Devices of Innovation. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Mike Michael

Lu, Benny Evaluating Class and Sexuality: Money Boys in Contemporary China. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs

Mullings, Sireita Post-Colonial Legacies Of Marginalisation As Rendered in The Visual Works Of Young People in Lambeth. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Nex, Jennifer The Business of Musical-instrument making in Early Industrial London. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell & Professor Simon McVeigh

Papaioannou, Spyros Performing Critique: Towards A Non-Representational Theatre in Britain. Supervised by: Professor Vikki Bell

Paul, Joshua Unearthing Postracialism: A Critical Socio-Historical Survey and Analysis of the Scientific, Political and Ethical Critiques of 'Race'. Supervised by: Dr Brett St Louis

Van der Zaag, Annette-Carina The Promise of Vaginal Microbicides: Configurations of Women’s Empowerment in The Time of HIV. Supervised by: Professor Vikki Bell & Professor Marsha Rosengarten


Day, Allan An Ethnographic Study of FLOSS: Towards an STS Analysis of Free/Open Source Software Production. Supervised by: Dr Brian Alleyne & Professor Mike Michael

Dhaliwall, Sukhwant Religion, Moral Hegemony and Local Cartographies of Power: Feminist Reflections on Religion in Local Politics. Supervised by: Professor Les Back & Professor Chetan Bhatt

Hohenlohe, Alice In The Presence Of the Past: Young Germans and the Cultural Memory of National Socialism and the Holocaust. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Ilyas, Mohammed Jihad in the West: The Process Involved in Becoming an Islamically Oriented Social and Elementary Practitioner. Supervised by: Dr Brett St Louis & Professor Chetan Bhatt

Jones, Rachel Interrupting Time: A Photographic Examination of the Perception of Urban Temporality. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

Liokaftos, Dimitrios Classical' To ‘Freaky’: An Exploration of the Development of the Dominant, Organised, Male Bodybuilding Culture. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Morgan, Marcus Exhuming Humanism: Towards An Alternative Valuation Of Sociology. Supervised by:Professor Les Back & Professor Lisa Adkins

Nadim, Tahani Inside the SequenceUniverse: The Amazing Life of Data and the People Who Look After Them. Supervised by: Professor Mike Michael

Panapakidis, Konstantinos Drag Narratives: Staged Gender, Embodiment, and Competition. Supervised by:Professor Caroline Knowles & Dr Nina Wakeford

Prinzessin Zu Hohenlohne-Bartenstein, Alice In The Presence Of the Past: ‘Third Generation’ Germans and the Cultural Memory of National Socialism and the Holocaust. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Stephansen, Hilde C. Making Global Publics? Communication and Knowledge Production in the World Social Forum Process. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash & Dr Brian Alleyne


Arena, Vaness Ethics Inc. A Sociological Account of the Contemporary Market for Corporate Social Responsibility. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Arimoto, Takeshi Body Culture and Nationalism in Modernizing Japan from 1868 to 1920s. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Bates, Charlotte Vital Bodies: A Visual Sociology Of Health And Illness in Everyday Life. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Brauer, Chris Netmodern: Emergent Social Agency and Forms in Digital Media. Supervised by: Dr Brian Alleyne & Professor Robert Zimmer

Denes, Nick The Science Of Existence: Zionism And The Making Of Jewish Nationhood. Supervised by: Professor Chetan Bhatt

Deville, Joe The Landscape of Consumer Debt: Tracing Technologies of Market Attachment. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Alberto Toscano

Fiaccadori, Elisa Between the Exception and Biopolitical Security: A Critical Discourse Analysis of US and EU Securitization Strategies Post-9-11. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash & Dr Alberto Toscano

Heng, Terence Making Chineseness in Transdiasporic Space: It’s A Matter of Ethnic Taste. Supervised by:Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor Bev Skeggs

Jones, Hannah Uncomfortable Positions: How Policy Practitioners Negotiate Difficult Subjects. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith & Professor Marjorie Mayo

Jones, Stephen Negotiating Islam: Dialogues between Liberalism and Islamic Theologies in 21st Century Britain. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Keith, Kimberly From Civilisation to Participation: The Convergence of Policy, Practice and Difference in the Art Museum. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Professor Marjorie Mayo

Leary, Mike The Production of Urban Public Space: A Lefebvrian Analysis of Castlefield, Manchester. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Professor Michael Keith

Loveday, Vik Affect, Ambivalence and Nostalgia: Experiencing Working Class Identities in Higher Education. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Dr Kirsten Campbell

Panteli, Maria Mimesis and Construction: Rethinking Sociology of Art. Supervised by: Professor Helen Thomas

Rhys-Taylor, Alex Coming to Our Senses: A Multisensory Exploration of Class and Multiculture in East London. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Sanders, Ben What To Do? Twentysomethings’: Negotiations of Unmapped Futures, Work and Anxiety in Post-Traditional Britain. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Turner, Patrick Hip Hop versus Rap: An Ethnography of the Cultural Politics of New Hip Hop Practices. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Valyi, Gábor Digging in the Crates: Practices of Identity and Belonging in a Translocal Record Collecting Scene. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith & Dr Ben Gidley


Chiang, Fei-Chi Numbers Do Not Matter: Gender Politics and How Women Remain Marginalised in The Newspaper industry in Taiwan. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs

Jackson, Emma Young Homeless People and Urban Space: Displacements, Mobilities and Fixity. Supervised by:Professor Bev Skeggs & Professor Les Back

Mueller-Hirth, Natascha Freedom Betrayed: NGOs and the Challenges of Neoliberal Development in the Post-Apartheid Era. Supervised by: Dr Brian Alleyne

Pawley, Laurence Culture and Citizenship; A Case Study of Practice in the BBC. Supervised by: Professor Des Freedman & Dr Kate Nash

Peters, Fiona Who Cares About Mixed Race? Care Experiences of Young People in An Inner City Borough. Supervised by: Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor David Oswell

Singhakowinta, Jaray Unimaginable Desires: Gay Relationships in Thailand. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Skiftou, Vicky Being Greek: Using Photographs as a Means of Exploring Cultural Identity. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury

Stronge, Paul Robert Open to Suggestion: Ordering, Risk and Invention in Community Mental Health Work. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Mike Michael

Wikie, Alex User Assemblages in Design: An Ethnographic Study. Supervised by: Professor Mike Michael & Bill Gaver


Blunt, Caroline Arriving Home. A Multi-Sited Ethnography of the Making of 'Home'. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

Checinska, C. Colonizin’ in Reverse! The Creolised Aesthetic of the Empire Windrush Generation.

Davies, Will Competition And Competitiveness: A Cultural Political Economy. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash & Professor Michael Keith

Garbett, Claire War and Its Witnesses: International Criminal Justice and the Legal Recognition of Civilian Victims. Supervised by: Dr Kirsten Campbell

Haste, Polly Tackling the Difficult Subject: An Ethnographic Exploration of Sexual Learning in Secondary Schools. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Jungnickel, Katrina Making Wifi: A Sociological Study of Backyard Technologists in Suburban Australia. Supervised by: Dr Nina Wakeford

Rhoades, Lucy Commune Girls – Growing Up in Utopia? Women Reflecting Back on Childhoods in British Intentional Communities 1970-1985. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Saha, Anamik The Postcolonial Cultural Economy: The Politics of British Asian Cultural Production. Supervised by: Dr Michael Keith & Dr Ben Gidley

Stilwell, Natasha The Sense and Sensation of Body Modification Practice. Supervised by: Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser & Dr Nirmal Puwar


Kennedy-MacFoy, Madeleine The ‘Citizen Thingy’: Negotiating Identities and Learning Citizenship at School in Paris and London. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash & Dr Brian Alleyne

Koffman, Ofra Towards a Genealogy of Teenage Pregnancy in Britain 1955-1968. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell

Munday, Jennifer Mary Identifications and Oppositions: Rural Identities and the Political Mobilisation of the Countryside Alliance. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash


Fallon, Deborah Marie Accessing Emergency Contraception – A Feminist Analysis of the Adolescent Experience. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs

Osho, Iyabo ‘Race’, Capital and Enterprise: A Qualitative Study of Black Businesses and Organisations in London. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell & Professor Fran Tonkiss

Toffell, Gilad The Cinema as a Communal institution in Jewish London 1925-1950. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Fran Tonkiss


Ahadi, Ali New Religious and Spiritual Movements in the West: Reflexive Modernity, Alienation and Embodied Charisma. Supervised by: Professor Chetan Bhatt

Aldred, Rachel Governing ‘Local Health Economies’: Neo-Liberalism And NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust). Supervised by: Professor Fran Tonkiss & Dr Pamela Odih

Bishop, Nick Cultures of Asylum. Supervised by: Dr Françoise Verges

Coleman, Rebecca Becoming a Body: Girls, Images, Experience. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Ebrey, Jill Elizabeth The Weekend: Time, Space & Everyday Life in Manchester and Salford. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury

Gosende, Eduardo Enrique Masculine Emotional Performances in Porteño Men Encounters.

Hiller, David Benjamin Constructing Internet Access: The Emergence and Use of ICTs in New Social Spaces. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Jha, Meeta Rani The Emotional Politics of Bombay Cinema and the British Asian Imaginary. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Chetan Bhatt

Mahler, Julia Lived Temporalities in Guatemala. An Empirical and Theoretical Exploration of Duration and Vitalism. Supervised by: Professor Les Back & Dr Françoise Verges

Moreno Figueroa, Monica Gabriela The Complexities of the Visible: Mexican Women’s Experiences of Racism, Mestizaje and National Identity. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury

White, Francis R. British Indie Music in the 1990s: Public Spheres, Media and Exclusion. Supervised by Dr Kate Nash


Brown, Neil Mackenzie A Cultural Analysis of Ageing: Baby Boomers and the Lived Experience of Extended Youthfulness. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Chang, Il Image-Machine: Time and Invention in East Asian Cinema. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco

Hadley, Jonathan Alan Police Reform and Cultural Legitimacy: The Auratic Status of Nationhood among Finnish and English Recruiting in 2002. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

LaPenta, Francesco The Image as a Form of Sociological Data: A Methodological Approach to the Analysis to the Analysis of Photo Elicited Interviews. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Don Slater


Arber, Anne Marie Building Reputation: The Significance of Pain Talk in Hospice and Palliative Care Team Meetings. Supervised by: Professor Clive Seale

Barn, Jatinder Singh In Service to India: The Ethics of Rule and Conduct of British Administrators and Army Officers in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India. Supervised by: Professor Nikolas Rose

Dolan, Patrick The Development of Consumer Culture, Subjectivity and National Identity in Ireland, 1900-1980. Supervised by: Dr Don Slater

Ewenstein, Boris Youth Culture and Reflexivity: Learning through the Culture in London and Berlin. Supervised by: Professor Fran Tonkiss & Dr Brett St Louis

Fensom, Kay Crime, Locality and Morality: Membership Categories and Newsworthiness in Local Newspapers. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Gidley, Ben Peter Citizenship & Belonging: East London Jewish Radicals. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Michael Keith

Harris, Roxy Wynford “New Ethnicities” And Language Use: “Cultures of Hybridity” in a Group of Adolescents of Mainly South Asian Descent in a London School in the Late 1990s. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Lempp, Heidi Katharina Undergraduate and Medical Education: A Transition from Medical Student to Pre-Registration. Supervised by: Dr Pamela Odih & Professor Clive Seale

Moor, Liz Branded Spaces: The Mediation of Commercial Form. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Les Back


Allistone, Simon Mark Peter A Conversational Analytic Study of Parent’s Evening. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Halewood, Michael Subjectivity and Matter in the Work of A.N. Whitehead and Gilles Deleuze: Developing a Non-Essentialist Ontology for Social Theory. Supervised by: Dr Andrew Barry

Hausmann, Elke Media Representation of Euthanasia. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash & Professor Clive Seale

Hingwan, Kathianne Carol Carnival and Identity in Trinidad. Supervised by: Professor Chetan Bhatt & Professor Nikolas Rose

Kelly, Moira Josephine Telling the Story: The Status of Accounts Describing the Death of a Spouse. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Mavrommatis, George Gentrification and Difference: The Case of Brixton and Brick Lane. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith


Arnoldi, Jakob Uncertain Knowledge. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Doherty, Antonia Claire “A Day at a Time”: Informal Institutional Interaction in Counsellor/Client Substance Abuse Interviews. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Henry, William Anthony Reggae/Dancehall Music: The Hidden Voice of Black British Urban Expression. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Hunt, Sally Grace Producing Single Homelessness: Descriptive Practice in Community Mental Health Casework. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Jimenez Ramirez, Jose Luis Entendidos: A Study of Emotional Communication among Gay Men of Barcelona. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Kelly, Daniel Martin In the Company of Men: Embodiment and Prostate Cancer. Supervised by: Prof Vic Seidler

King, Colin ‘Play the White Man’: The Theatre of Racialised Performances in Soccer Coaching, Management and Administration. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Li, Sarah Shiu-Wai Symbiotic Niceness: A Study of Psychosocial Care in Palliative Care Settings. Supervised by: Professor Clive Seale


Ahmed, Jamilah Quitting and Substance for a Shadow. Supervised by: Professor Helen Thomas

Garnett, Marion Sociology Out Of This World: An Exploration into the Use of Complementary Therapies by Those Who Nurse the Dying. Supervised by: Professor Clive Seale

Harris, Keith Daniel Transgression and Mundanity: The Global Extreme Music Scene. Supervised by: Professor Chris Jenks

Miller, Nicola The Price of Pragmatism: The State-Funding Of Dance in Late Capitalist Society. Supervised by: Dr Paul Filmer & Professor Helen Thomas

Morris, Gay Post-War American Dance: A Sociology of the Avant-Garde. Supervised by: Professor Helen Thomas


Donovan, Grant The Human Insulin Debate: A Case Study Of Contested innovation in Medical Technology. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco

Michailidou, Martha Femininity Confessed: The Transformation of Feminine Experience from Postwar Women’s Magazines to the Modern Talk Show. Supervised by: Professor Nikolas Rose & Dr Monica Greco