Successfully completed PhDs

Here are details of our successfully completed PhDs.

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Aysegul Yildirim 'Sounding the overflown: A critical-victimological study of environmental harm through the example of aircraft noise in London UK' Supervised by Jennifer Fleetwood (previously by John Drever in the Music Department, and Dan Neyland)

Rana Brentjes 'Agency in the GDR (German Democratic Republic)' Supervised by Brian Alleyne

Michelle Shippie  'Excavating the Museum of Sensory Absence: Race, Racism and the Everyday (Sensory) Experiences of Post-War Black Migrants' Supervised by Brett St Louis

Adrien de Sutter 'The Origin Story at the End of the Universe: On the Problems of a Modern Physical Cosmology' Supervised by Martin Savransky and Monica Greco

Lanci, Yari - Governing Time: Temporality and the Making of Exploitable Subjects in Marx and Foucault. Supervised by Alberto Toscano and Sara Farris

Namberger, Fabian - Uberising the Urban. Labour, Infrastructure and Big Data in the Actually Existing Smart City of Toronto. Supervised by Michael Guggenheim and Alberto Toscano


Peacock, Chloe - Justifying ‘Justice’: Tracing the Cultural Politics of Punishment in the Wake of the 2011 English ‘Riots’. Supervised by Les Back and Emma Jackson

Walker, Sarah - Happy 18th? Unaccompanied minors and the transition to adulthood. An Italian case study. Supervised by Les Back and Yasmin Gunaratnam

Lewis, Chantelle Jessica - Race, place, love and family: Narratives from Black mixed-race families in a semi-rural/suburban town in England. Supervised by Les Back and Emma Jackson

Lim, Bryan -  Thinking with HIV: microbiopolitics, pathogens and the limits of multispecies relationality. Supervised by Monica Greco and Marsha Rosengarten

Williams, Elaine - 'Knife Crime'; Policing the Crisis in the 21st Century. Supervised by Les Back and Kalbir Shukra

Hughes, Vanessa - Young people subject to immigration control in London: Precarious lives. Supervised by Les Back and Heidi Mirza

Bonhomme Cousino, Macarena - Making ‘Race’ at the Urban Margins: Latin American and Caribbean Migration in Multicultural Chile. Supervised by Les Back and Caroline Knowles

Lee, Chien - Meditated Seeing: Unpacking Visitor Photography in Art Museums and Galleries. Supervised by Mike Featherstone, Monica Sassatelli and Tomoko Tamari

Lewis, Chantelle Jessica - How Is the University Influenced by Neoliberalism? The Composition and Practice of Accountability in Taiwan Higher Education. Supervised by

Daniel Neyland

Perolini, Marco - How the movement contesting border regimes in Berlin constructs human rights. The interplay between collective action, collective identities and human rights. Supervised by Sara Farris and Kate Nash

Claux Ferrand, Denise - On walking through change: Narrating Difference, identity and Power in La Mar. Supervised by Bev Skeggs and Paul Halliday

Corble, Alice - The Death and Life of English Libraries: Infrastructural Practices and Value in a Time of Crisis. Supervised by Nirmal Puwar and Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Merz, Sibille - India is the ideal genetic milieu': Race, ethnicity and transnational biomedical research in the post-genomic age. Supervised by Brett St. Louis and Denise de Silva (University British Columbia)

Rivera Volosky, Ignacio - Performing Exile, Music and Politics: "El Sueno Existe" Festival in Wales and the Legacy of Vitor Jara. Supervised by Vikki Bell and Monica Sassatelli

Simoes Dos Reis, Jose - Crisis as Knowledge and Common Sense: Politics, Economics and Culture in Portugal's Grest Recession. Supervised by Alberto Toscano

Smith, Harriet - How we are with animals: understanding connection with Nature in urban settings through multispecies ethnography. Supervised by Michael Guggenheim and Alison Rooke

Vivaldi, Lieta - Abortion in Chile: Biopolitics and Contemporary Feminist Resistance. Supervised by Vikki BellAjour, Ashjan - Reclaiming Humanity: The Formation of Revolutionary Subjectivity in the Experience of Palestinian Hunger Strikers in Israeli Prisons. Supervised by Mariam Motamedi-Fraser and Alberto Toscano

Alexander, James Battle Front: An estate based analysis of the impact of professionalism on the ability to provide localised neighbourhood-based social controls. Supervised by Brian Alleyne and David Oswell

Dabrowski, Vicki The role of the state in shaping young women’s experiences of austerity. Supervised by: Bev Skeggs & Rebecca Coleman

Fernandez Ossandon, Rosario The performance of Domestic Labour: Negotiating the reproduction of difference in Chile. Supervised by: Vikki Bell

Haywood, Douglas The Ethic of the Code: Values, Networks and Narrative among the Civic Hacking Community. Supervised by: Brian Alleyne and David Oswell

Le Vay, Lulu Representations and Responses to Surrogacy in the Reproduction of the Family. Supervised by: Bev Skeggs & Rebecca Coleman

McShane, Brian The Place of Trust: Young Masculinities, Relationality and Everyday Violence. Supervised by: Vic Seidler

Palma, Felipe The Film-artifact of the Atacama Desert or about Translations in Social Sciences. Supervised by Nirmal Puwar & Monica Sassatelli

Perriam, Jessamy Theatres of failure: Digital demonstrations of disruption in everyday life. Supervised by: Daniel Neyland & Noortje Marres

Pacho, Agata An exploration of HIV care in a specialist clinic: camp practices, remembering the AIDS crisis, and alliances among pateints and healthcare providers. Supervised by Monica Greco and Marsha Rosengarten

Stephens, Virginia Unravelling Time: The process of closure in short-term international development missions in Kosovo. Supervised by Michael Guggenheim and Frances Pine

Thomas, Philippa In Different Voices: a practice-based intervention into the assemblage of crime. Supervised by Les Back and Michael Guggenheim

Tonhati, Tania The transnational family: Migration, family and rituals among Brazilian migrant women in the UK. Supervised by David Oswell

Tynan, Rachel Living Life: Young Men's Experiences of Long-Term Imprisonment. Supervised by Les Back and Emma Jackson

Zschlomler, Danny A road to prosperity? The values and value struggles of members of the prosperity movement on the Old Kent Road in the U.K. Supervised by Bev Skeggs and Adam Dinham



Burton, Sarah Crafting the academy: Writing sociology and disciplinary legitimacy. Supervised by: Michaela Benson and Heidi Mirza

Castano Tierno, Pablo The Movement of Household Workers in Evo Morales’ Bolivia: Demands and Polocies (2006-2016). Supervised by: Kate Nash and Sara Farris

Lagos Rojas, Felipe Alejandro The Misadventures of Latin American Marxism: Intellectual Journeys Towards the Deprovincialization of Marxist Thought. Supervised by: Alberto Toscano

Martins Junior, Angelo The production and negotiation of difference in a world on the move: Brazilian Migrants in London. Supervised by: Caroline Knowles and Nirmal Puwar

Nicholls, Emily The making of an AIDS archive: an account of expertise, inter/disciplinarity, and the process of researching. Supervised by: Monica Greco & Marsha Rosengarten

Palma, Felipe The Filmic Artifact of the Atacama Desert or about Translations in Social Sciences. Supervised by: Nirmal Puwar & Monica Sassatelli

Rourke, Robert Habitual Favourites: A Sensory Sociology of Autism. Supervised by: Yasmin Gunaratnam and Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Baixinho, Alexandra Cruise Ship and Post-industrial Port Cities Dynamics: An Experimental Sensory Ethnographic Approach to Contemporary Social, Spatial and Material Interactions. Supervised by: David Oswell & Caroline Knowles

Blachnicka-Ciacek, Dominika Remembering Palestine: A multi-media ethnography of generational memories among diaspora Palestinians. Supervised by: Nirmal Puwar & Yasmin Gunaratnam

Dias, Gustavo Brazilian Migration into London: Mobility and Contemporary Borders. Supervised by: Caroline Knowles & Nirmal Puwar

Furman, Ivo Holy Sources of Knowledge: the role of peer-production in the formation of the networked public sphere in Turkey Supervised by: Brian Alleyne & David Oswell

Hahn, Catherine The Political House of Art: The South African National Gallery 1930-2009. Supervised by: Nirmal Puwar

Herman, Ana-Maria The Remediation of the MUM App: Reconfiguring the Museum and its Socio-Cultural Politics. Supervised by: Noortje Marres & David Oswell

Iossifidis, Miranda 'Uprisings do not enter Museums’: Invoking the Athens 1973 Polytechnic Uprising, a Study of Political Myth. Supervised by: Kate Nash 

Karakilic, Emrah The Limits of Cognitive Capitalism. Supervised by: Pam Odih

McKnight, Ulla The Challenge of HIV within an HIV Specialist Antenatal Clinic in London: Providing and Receiving Care within an HIV Diaspora. Supervised by: Vikki Bell & Marsha Rosengarten

Milic, Nela Balkanising Taxonomy: A Digital Archive as an Event – The Case of Belgrade Protest in 1996-1997. Supervised by: David Oswell & Janis Jefferies

Moats, David Decentring Devices: Developing Quali-Quantitative Techniques for Studying Controversies with Online Platforms. Supervised by: David Oswell & Noortje Marres

Phoenix, Aisha Palestinian University Students Narrating Life under Occupation. Supervised by: Les Back & Bev Skeggs

Reddleman, Claire Cartographic Abstraction: Mapping Practices in Contemporary Art. Supervised by: Alberto Toscano and Susan Schuppli 

Saadawi, Ghalya Rethinking the Witness: Art after the Lebanese Wars. Supervised by: Alberto Toscano, AbdulMaliq Simone & Kodwo Eshun

Saleh, Samah The Politics of Sumud: Palestinian women's experience of incarceration under Israeli occupation. Supervised by: David Oswell & Marsha Rosengarten

Veilahti, Antii 'Financial' Crises in Europe: Multilevel Analysis of Youth, Employment and the Economy of Wellbeing From 2007 to 2012. Supervised by: Roger Burrows & Sara Farris

Von Wissell, Christian Re-thinking the peri-urban: a sensory-visual exploration of the making of Mexico City. Supervised by: Caroline Knowles & Nirmal Puwar

Weston, Sian Branding Burberry: Britishness, Heritage, Labour and Consumption. Supervised by: Bev Skeggs

Ammaturo, Francesca Multisexual Citizenship and Human Rights: Questioning the Space of Citizenship for LGBTI Persons beyond Liberty and Equality. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Mia, Shamea Navigating Histories: An Exploration of Identities of Second Generation High-Achieving British Bangladeshi Muslim Young Women Living in North East London. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler & Professor David Oswell

Norman, Caroline Time and Affect about Student Experience in Higher Education. Supervised by: Dr Yasmin Gunaratnam & Dr Nirmal Puwar

Ramirez, Carolina Chilean Diaspora of London. Supervised by: Dr Nirmal Puwar & Professor Vikki Bell

Savransky, Martin The Adventure of Relevance: Speculative Reconstructions in Contemporary Social Science. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Vikki Bell

Trikalinou, Eleftheria Making Visible: The Inhabitation of Public Space by Irregular Immigrants. Supervised by: Professor Rob Imrie

Waller, Alexis (Laurie) Exhibition as Experiment: An Ethnographic Study of Science, Technology and Culture at the Science Museum. Supervised by: Dr Noortje Marres & Dr Michael Guggenheim

Woodcock, James A Workers’ Inquiry in a UK Call Centre: The Labour Process, Management and Resistance. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Dr Alberto Toscano

Berriman, Liam Design and Participation across Young People's Online Spaces. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell

Calafate Faria, Francisco Countercycling: An Ethnographic Study of Waste, Waste-Pickers and Recycling in Curitiba – Brazil. Supervised by: Professor AbdouMaliq Simone & Professor Les Back

Gerson, Yael (Un)masking Neozapatismo: A Multisited Ethnography of the Other Campaign. Supervised by: Dr Nirmal PuwarProfessor David Oswell & Dr Alberto Toscano

Hanson, Steven Small Towns, Austere Times: The Dialectics of Deracinated Localism. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Hassan, Ahmed Sending Remittance as Transnational Kinship Practice: A Case Study of Somali Refugees in London. Supervised by: Professor Roger Burrows & Professor AbdouMaliq Simone

Hassan, Mohamed Transnational Active Citizens: Theorising the Experiences of Young Somali Males in London. Supervised by: Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor Marjorie Mayo

Holland, Daniella Active Citizenship: The Role of Third Sector Adult Education within UK and Devolved Welsh Governments’ Policy Contexts. A Case Study of the Workers’ Educational Association - South Wales. Supervised by: Professor Marjorie Mayo

Jara, Daniela The Aftermath of Political Violence: The Opposition’s Second Generation in The Post-Coup Chile and Its Familial Memory. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Koessl, Gerald Individualisation and Precarisation of Work: An Empirical Study of Working Life Temporalities in Career Portraits and in the London Banking Industry. Supervised by: Dr Alberto Toscano & Professor Lisa Adkins

Kulz, Christy ’Structure Liberates?': Making Compliant, Consumable Bodies in a London Academy. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Dr Kirsten Campbell

Recknagel, Gabriele ‘Activated’, ‘Responsibilised’ or ‘Empowered’? Competing Concepts of Active Citizenship in the Context of Government-Funded Programmes of Active Citizenship Learning in the Third Sector in England. Supervised by: Professor Marjorie Mayo & Professor Adam Dinham

Zacharias, Thomas Multicultural Racism and the Production of the ‘Auslander’ in German Political Discourse 1994 -2002. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Aragon, Margarita ‘This Ruinous Element’: African and Mexican Americans as ‘Racial Problems’ in Early 20th Century California. Supervised by: Dr Brett St Louis & Dr Ben Gidley

Ariza, Lucia The Normativity of Nature: Morality, Variability and Kinship in the Gamete Exchange. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Boulton, Richard Children with HIV: The Consolidation of Medicine, Science and the Social into the Clinical Practice of Paediatric HIV. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Cardullo, Paolo Walking On The Rim: Towards A Geography Of Resentment. Supervised by: Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor David Oswell

Gerlitz, Carolin Brands and Continuous Economies. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Angela McRobbie

Lange, Ann-Christina Inclusive Differentiation: A Study of Artistic Techniques and Devices of Innovation. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Mike Michael

Lu, Benny Evaluating Class and Sexuality: Money Boys in Contemporary China. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs

Mullings, Sireita Post-Colonial Legacies Of Marginalisation As Rendered in The Visual Works Of Young People in Lambeth. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Nex, Jennifer The Business of Musical-instrument making in Early Industrial London. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell & Professor Simon McVeigh

Papaioannou, Spyros Performing Critique: Towards A Non-Representational Theatre in Britain. Supervised by: Professor Vikki Bell

Paul, Joshua Unearthing Postracialism: A Critical Socio-Historical Survey and Analysis of the Scientific, Political and Ethical Critiques of 'Race'. Supervised by: Dr Brett St Louis

Van der Zaag, Annette-Carina The Promise of Vaginal Microbicides: Configurations of Women’s Empowerment in The Time of HIV. Supervised by: Professor Vikki Bell & Professor Marsha Rosengarten

Day, Allan An Ethnographic Study of FLOSS: Towards an STS Analysis of Free/Open Source Software Production. Supervised by: Dr Brian Alleyne & Professor Mike Michael

Dhaliwall, Sukhwant Religion, Moral Hegemony and Local Cartographies of Power: Feminist Reflections on Religion in Local Politics. Supervised by: Professor Les Back & Professor Chetan Bhatt

Hohenlohe, Alice In The Presence Of the Past: Young Germans and the Cultural Memory of National Socialism and the Holocaust. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Ilyas, Mohammed Jihad in the West: The Process Involved in Becoming an Islamically Oriented Social and Elementary Practitioner. Supervised by: Dr Brett St Louis & Professor Chetan Bhatt

Jones, Rachel Interrupting Time: A Photographic Examination of the Perception of Urban Temporality. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

Liokaftos, Dimitrios Classical' To ‘Freaky’: An Exploration of the Development of the Dominant, Organised, Male Bodybuilding Culture. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Morgan, Marcus Exhuming Humanism: Towards An Alternative Valuation Of Sociology. Supervised by:Professor Les Back & Professor Lisa Adkins

Nadim, Tahani Inside the SequenceUniverse: The Amazing Life of Data and the People Who Look After Them. Supervised by: Professor Mike Michael

Panapakidis, Konstantinos Drag Narratives: Staged Gender, Embodiment, and Competition. Supervised by:Professor Caroline Knowles & Dr Nina Wakeford

Prinzessin Zu Hohenlohne-Bartenstein, Alice In The Presence Of the Past: ‘Third Generation’ Germans and the Cultural Memory of National Socialism and the Holocaust. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Stephansen, Hilde C. Making Global Publics? Communication and Knowledge Production in the World Social Forum Process. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash & Dr Brian Alleyne

Arena, Vaness Ethics Inc. A Sociological Account of the Contemporary Market for Corporate Social Responsibility. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Arimoto, Takeshi Body Culture and Nationalism in Modernizing Japan from 1868 to 1920s. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Bates, Charlotte Vital Bodies: A Visual Sociology Of Health And Illness in Everyday Life. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Brauer, Chris Netmodern: Emergent Social Agency and Forms in Digital Media. Supervised by: Dr Brian Alleyne & Professor Robert Zimmer

Denes, Nick The Science Of Existence: Zionism And The Making Of Jewish Nationhood. Supervised by: Professor Chetan Bhatt

Deville, Joe The Landscape of Consumer Debt: Tracing Technologies of Market Attachment. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Alberto Toscano

Fiaccadori, Elisa Between the Exception and Biopolitical Security: A Critical Discourse Analysis of US and EU Securitization Strategies Post-9-11. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash & Dr Alberto Toscano

Heng, Terence Making Chineseness in Transdiasporic Space: It’s A Matter of Ethnic Taste. Supervised by:Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor Bev Skeggs

Jones, Hannah Uncomfortable Positions: How Policy Practitioners Negotiate Difficult Subjects. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith & Professor Marjorie Mayo

Jones, Stephen Negotiating Islam: Dialogues between Liberalism and Islamic Theologies in 21st Century Britain. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Keith, Kimberly From Civilisation to Participation: The Convergence of Policy, Practice and Difference in the Art Museum. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Professor Marjorie Mayo

Leary, Mike The Production of Urban Public Space: A Lefebvrian Analysis of Castlefield, Manchester. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Professor Michael Keith

Loveday, Vik Affect, Ambivalence and Nostalgia: Experiencing Working Class Identities in Higher Education. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs & Dr Kirsten Campbell

Panteli, Maria Mimesis and Construction: Rethinking Sociology of Art. Supervised by: Professor Helen Thomas

Rhys-Taylor, Alex Coming to Our Senses: A Multisensory Exploration of Class and Multiculture in East London. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Sanders, Ben What To Do? Twentysomethings’: Negotiations of Unmapped Futures, Work and Anxiety in Post-Traditional Britain. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Turner, Patrick Hip Hop versus Rap: An Ethnography of the Cultural Politics of New Hip Hop Practices. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Valyi, Gábor Digging in the Crates: Practices of Identity and Belonging in a Translocal Record Collecting Scene. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith & Dr Ben Gidley

Chiang, Fei-Chi Numbers Do Not Matter: Gender Politics and How Women Remain Marginalised in The Newspaper industry in Taiwan. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs

Jackson, Emma Young Homeless People and Urban Space: Displacements, Mobilities and Fixity. Supervised by:Professor Bev Skeggs & Professor Les Back

Mueller-Hirth, Natascha Freedom Betrayed: NGOs and the Challenges of Neoliberal Development in the Post-Apartheid Era. Supervised by: Dr Brian Alleyne

Pawley, Laurence Culture and Citizenship; A Case Study of Practice in the BBC. Supervised by: Professor Des Freedman & Dr Kate Nash

Peters, Fiona Who Cares About Mixed Race? Care Experiences of Young People in An Inner City Borough. Supervised by: Professor Caroline Knowles & Professor David Oswell

Singhakowinta, Jaray Unimaginable Desires: Gay Relationships in Thailand. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Skiftou, Vicky Being Greek: Using Photographs as a Means of Exploring Cultural Identity. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury

Stronge, Paul Robert Open to Suggestion: Ordering, Risk and Invention in Community Mental Health Work. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Mike Michael

Wikie, Alex User Assemblages in Design: An Ethnographic Study. Supervised by: Professor Mike Michael & Bill Gaver

Blunt, Caroline Arriving Home. A Multi-Sited Ethnography of the Making of 'Home'. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

Checinska, C. Colonizin’ in Reverse! The Creolised Aesthetic of the Empire Windrush Generation.

Davies, Will Competition And Competitiveness: A Cultural Political Economy. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash & Professor Michael Keith

Garbett, Claire War and Its Witnesses: International Criminal Justice and the Legal Recognition of Civilian Victims. Supervised by: Dr Kirsten Campbell

Haste, Polly Tackling the Difficult Subject: An Ethnographic Exploration of Sexual Learning in Secondary Schools. Supervised by: Professor Les Back

Jungnickel, Katrina Making Wifi: A Sociological Study of Backyard Technologists in Suburban Australia. Supervised by: Dr Nina Wakeford

Rhoades, Lucy Commune Girls – Growing Up in Utopia? Women Reflecting Back on Childhoods in British Intentional Communities 1970-1985. Supervised by: Professor Vic Seidler

Saha, Anamik The Postcolonial Cultural Economy: The Politics of British Asian Cultural Production. Supervised by: Dr Michael Keith & Dr Ben Gidley

Stilwell, Natasha The Sense and Sensation of Body Modification Practice. Supervised by: Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser & Dr Nirmal Puwar

Kennedy-MacFoy, Madeleine The ‘Citizen Thingy’: Negotiating Identities and Learning Citizenship at School in Paris and London. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash & Dr Brian Alleyne

Koffman, Ofra Towards a Genealogy of Teenage Pregnancy in Britain 1955-1968. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell

Munday, Jennifer Mary Identifications and Oppositions: Rural Identities and the Political Mobilisation of the Countryside Alliance. Supervised by: Dr Kate Nash

Fallon, Deborah Marie Accessing Emergency Contraception – A Feminist Analysis of the Adolescent Experience. Supervised by: Professor Bev Skeggs

Osho, Iyabo ‘Race’, Capital and Enterprise: A Qualitative Study of Black Businesses and Organisations in London. Supervised by: Professor David Oswell & Professor Fran Tonkiss

Toffell, Gilad The Cinema as a Communal institution in Jewish London 1925-1950. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Fran Tonkiss

Ahadi, Ali New Religious and Spiritual Movements in the West: Reflexive Modernity, Alienation and Embodied Charisma. Supervised by: Professor Chetan Bhatt

Aldred, Rachel Governing ‘Local Health Economies’: Neo-Liberalism And NHS LIFT (Local Improvement Finance Trust). Supervised by: Professor Fran Tonkiss & Dr Pamela Odih

Bishop, Nick Cultures of Asylum. Supervised by: Dr Françoise Verges

Coleman, Rebecca Becoming a Body: Girls, Images, Experience. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Ebrey, Jill Elizabeth The Weekend: Time, Space & Everyday Life in Manchester and Salford. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury

Gosende, Eduardo Enrique Masculine Emotional Performances in Porteño Men Encounters.

Hiller, David Benjamin Constructing Internet Access: The Emergence and Use of ICTs in New Social Spaces. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Jha, Meeta Rani The Emotional Politics of Bombay Cinema and the British Asian Imaginary. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Chetan Bhatt

Mahler, Julia Lived Temporalities in Guatemala. An Empirical and Theoretical Exploration of Duration and Vitalism. Supervised by: Professor Les Back & Dr Françoise Verges

Moreno Figueroa, Monica Gabriela The Complexities of the Visible: Mexican Women’s Experiences of Racism, Mestizaje and National Identity. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury

White, Francis R. British Indie Music in the 1990s: Public Spheres, Media and Exclusion. Supervised by Dr Kate Nash

Brown, Neil Mackenzie A Cultural Analysis of Ageing: Baby Boomers and the Lived Experience of Extended Youthfulness. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Mariam Motamedi-Fraser

Chang, Il Image-Machine: Time and Invention in East Asian Cinema. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco

Hadley, Jonathan Alan Police Reform and Cultural Legitimacy: The Auratic Status of Nationhood among Finnish and English Recruiting in 2002. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

LaPenta, Francesco The Image as a Form of Sociological Data: A Methodological Approach to the Analysis to the Analysis of Photo Elicited Interviews. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Dr Don Slater

Arber, Anne Marie Building Reputation: The Significance of Pain Talk in Hospice and Palliative Care Team Meetings. Supervised by: Professor Clive Seale

Barn, Jatinder Singh In Service to India: The Ethics of Rule and Conduct of British Administrators and Army Officers in Late Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century India. Supervised by: Professor Nikolas Rose

Dolan, Patrick The Development of Consumer Culture, Subjectivity and National Identity in Ireland, 1900-1980. Supervised by: Dr Don Slater

Ewenstein, Boris Youth Culture and Reflexivity: Learning through the Culture in London and Berlin. Supervised by: Professor Fran Tonkiss & Dr Brett St Louis

Fensom, Kay Crime, Locality and Morality: Membership Categories and Newsworthiness in Local Newspapers. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Gidley, Ben Peter Citizenship & Belonging: East London Jewish Radicals. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco & Professor Michael Keith

Harris, Roxy Wynford “New Ethnicities” And Language Use: “Cultures of Hybridity” in a Group of Adolescents of Mainly South Asian Descent in a London School in the Late 1990s. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Lempp, Heidi Katharina Undergraduate and Medical Education: A Transition from Medical Student to Pre-Registration. Supervised by: Dr Pamela Odih & Professor Clive Seale

Moor, Liz Branded Spaces: The Mediation of Commercial Form. Supervised by: Professor Celia Lury & Professor Les Back

Allistone, Simon Mark Peter A Conversational Analytic Study of Parent’s Evening. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Halewood, Michael Subjectivity and Matter in the Work of A.N. Whitehead and Gilles Deleuze: Developing a Non-Essentialist Ontology for Social Theory. Supervised by: Dr Andrew Barry

Hausmann, Elke Media Representation of Euthanasia. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash & Professor Clive Seale

Hingwan, Kathianne Carol Carnival and Identity in Trinidad. Supervised by: Professor Chetan Bhatt & Professor Nikolas Rose

Kelly, Moira Josephine Telling the Story: The Status of Accounts Describing the Death of a Spouse. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Mavrommatis, George Gentrification and Difference: The Case of Brixton and Brick Lane. Supervised by: Professor Michael Keith

Arnoldi, Jakob Uncertain Knowledge. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Doherty, Antonia Claire “A Day at a Time”: Informal Institutional Interaction in Counsellor/Client Substance Abuse Interviews. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Henry, William Anthony Reggae/Dancehall Music: The Hidden Voice of Black British Urban Expression. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Hunt, Sally Grace Producing Single Homelessness: Descriptive Practice in Community Mental Health Casework. Supervised by: Professor David Silverman

Jimenez Ramirez, Jose Luis Entendidos: A Study of Emotional Communication among Gay Men of Barcelona. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Kelly, Daniel Martin In the Company of Men: Embodiment and Prostate Cancer. Supervised by: Prof Vic Seidler

King, Colin ‘Play the White Man’: The Theatre of Racialised Performances in Soccer Coaching, Management and Administration. Supervised by: Professor Scott Lash

Li, Sarah Shiu-Wai Symbiotic Niceness: A Study of Psychosocial Care in Palliative Care Settings. Supervised by: Professor Clive Seale

Ahmed, Jamilah Quitting and Substance for a Shadow. Supervised by: Professor Helen Thomas

Garnett, Marion Sociology Out Of This World: An Exploration into the Use of Complementary Therapies by Those Who Nurse the Dying. Supervised by: Professor Clive Seale

Harris, Keith Daniel Transgression and Mundanity: The Global Extreme Music Scene. Supervised by: Professor Chris Jenks

Miller, Nicola The Price of Pragmatism: The State-Funding Of Dance in Late Capitalist Society. Supervised by: Dr Paul Filmer & Professor Helen Thomas

Morris, Gay Post-War American Dance: A Sociology of the Avant-Garde. Supervised by: Professor Helen Thomas

Donovan, Grant The Human Insulin Debate: A Case Study Of Contested innovation in Medical Technology. Supervised by: Dr Monica Greco

Michailidou, Martha Femininity Confessed: The Transformation of Feminine Experience from Postwar Women’s Magazines to the Modern Talk Show. Supervised by: Professor Nikolas Rose & Dr Monica Greco