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Dr Caroline Frizell


Admissions Tutor MA Dance Movement Psychotherapy


Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies


c.frizell (@gold.ac.uk)

Dance Movement Psychotherapy, ecopsychology, new materialism, posthuman subjectivity, critical disability studies.

Dr Caroline Frizell is a research active senior lecturer in Dance Movement Psychotherapy (DMP) at Goldsmiths, where she has worked since since 2007. She served as Programme Convenor for the MA DMP from 2010-2019 and is now Admissions Tutor. Caroline is a UKCP therapist and supervisor, with a diploma in supervision from the Society of Analytical Psychology (SAP). Caroline's PhD by publication addressed the intersections of DMP, ecopsychotherapy and critical disability studies. For over two decades, Caroline has been an active member of ADMP UK and is currently on the UKCP accreditation committee. She previously served as editor for the quarterly journal, as a member of the Professional Development Committee, the UKCP working group and the Education and Training Committee. Caroline is also on the editorial and advisory board of the journal ‘Dance Movement and Spiritualities’ and Goldsmiths’ representative for the European Consortium for Arts Therapies Education (ECArTE).

Academic qualifications

  • PhD
  • Diploma in Supervision: Society of Analytical Psychology
  • MA in Dance Movement Psychotherapy
  • UKCP Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist

Research interests

Caroline has engaged with new materialist, posthuman lenses to develop a thematic focus on posthuman subjectivity. Her research inquiries explore the concept of posthuman subjectivity as it manifests in transdisciplinary practices of dance as a participatory process, ecopsychology as a practice that locates the human subject within a wider ecology and, critical disability studies as a portal to non-binary practice. These diffractive intersections unveil power-laden, discourses that have subordinated matters of the body, privileging particular bodies over others. The creation of assemblages that explore the body as process, the environmentally contextualised human subject and the (dis)abled body, problematises notions of the human subject and reaches towards posthuman subjectivity. Caroline's practice-led inquiry employs diffractive analysis in challenging binary discourses, towards considering matters that have been made to matter less, hold the potential for redefining the ways in which identities are organised and subjectivities conceived and performed. Caroline's practice-led research moves transversally across disciplines and genres, troubling the privileging of knowledge as it manifests in the material properties of dance, text, photography and film and with an emphasis on transdisciplinarity. In moving towards the posthuman dancing subject, Caroline considers the transdisciplinary potential of diffracting across dance movement psychotherapy (DMP), ecopsychotherapy and critical disability studies, embedding the notion of the posthuman subject into practice in a way that is emancipatory and decolonising.

Publications and research outputs


Frizell, Caroline. 2024. Posthuman Possibilities of Dance Movement Psychotherapy: Moving through Eco-feminist and New Materialist Entanglements of Differently Enabled Bodies in Research. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781032345352

Edited Book

Frizell, Caroline and Rova, Marina, eds. 2022. Creative Bodies in Therapy, Performance and Community: Research and Practice that Brings us Home. Abingdon: Routledge. ISBN 9781032119809

Edited Journal

Frizell, Caroline, ed. 2024. Associate Editor for the Peer Reviewed Journal Body Movemement and Dance in Psychotherapy, Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy, . 1743-2979

Frizell, Caroline, ed. 2023. Embodied practice and research with the earth in mind, Body Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy, 18(4). 1743-2979

Book Section

Frizell, Caroline. 2023. Coming home to a posthuman body. In: Linda Aspey; Catherine Jackson and Diane Parker, eds. Holding the Hope: reviving psychological & spiritual agency in the face of climate change. Monmouth: PCCS Books, pp. 76-85. ISBN 9781915220271

Frizell, Caroline and Rova, Marina. 2023. Arriving, becoming and arriving again. In: Caroline Frizell and Marina Rova, eds. Creative Bodies in Therapy, Performance and Community: Research and Practice that Brings us Home. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 1-11. ISBN 9781032119809

Frizell, Caroline. 2023. The cat, the foal and other meetings that make a difference: posthuman research that re-animates our responsiveness to knowing and becoming. In: Caroline Frizell and Marina Rova, eds. Creative Bodies in Therapy, Performance and Community: Research and Practice that Brings us Home. Abingdon: Routledge, pp. 50-59. ISBN 9781032119809


Frizell, Caroline. 2023. Bodies, landscapes, and the air that we breathe. Kritika Kultura(40), pp. 71-85. ISSN 2094-6937

Frizell, Caroline. 2021. Learning disability imagined differently: an evaluation of interviews with parents about discovering that their child has Down’s Syndrome. Disability & Society, 36(10), pp. 1574-1593. ISSN 0968-7599

Frizell, Caroline and Woodger, David. 2019. Removing the threat of exclusion in schools: creating inclusive educational environments. Youth and Policy, pp. 1-8. ISSN 0262-9798

Conference or Workshop Item

Frizell, Caroline; Taylor, Mark; Diener, Juliet and Weston, Nicola. 2024. 'Bringing the researcher into the room: New materialist entanglements of the research team when analysing 26 interviews exploring the emotional wellbeing of parents of learning-disabled children and young people'. In: UKCP Conference. Online, United Kingdom 7 - 8 June 2024.

Frizell, Caroline. 2024. 'Bringing Differently enabled bodies into the room; Posthuman Possibilities of Dance Movement Psychotherapy'. In: icandance Training Workshop. London, United Kingdom 22 January 2024.

Frizell, Caroline and Rova, Marina. 2023. 'Creative moving bodies as a resource for embodied knowledge'. In: European Association for Dance Movement Therapy: 4th Dance Movement Therapy Online Science Café. Online, United Kingdom 9 November 2023.


Frizell, Caroline. 2017. Coming to our Senses.

Professional Activity

Frizell, Caroline. 2019. External Examiner.

Frizell, Caroline. 2012. Member of editorial board for the journal Dance, Movement and Spiritualities.


Frizell, Caroline and Woodger, David. 2019. A Journey of Change: From Social Isolation to Inclusion. Project Report. Goldsmiths, University of London.


Frizell, Caroline. 2021. Towards posthuman dancing subjects: a critical commentary assemblage that interrupts five published works through the lens of practice-led, new materialist research. Doctoral thesis, Goldsmiths, University of London

Research projects

Posthuman Possibilities of Dance Movement Psychotherapy
This book will be available in 2023