Dr. Naomi Thompson

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Position Lecturer in Youth and Community Work and Head of Department
Email Naomi.Thompson (@gold.ac.uk)
Phone +44 (0)20 7919 7846
Dr. Naomi Thompson

I am a sociologist of youth, faith and inclusion with particular research interests in faith-based youth work and the inclusiveness of such provision.

I have wider research interests in young people, youth work, communities and issues of inclusion and exclusion. 

Whilst I approach research primarily from a sociological perspective, interested particularly in the everyday narratives of young people and communities, I am very much inter-disciplinary in my approach – having undertaken my undergraduate degree in youth and community work in the School of Applied Social Sciences (SASS) at the University of Durham, and my MA in Education and PhD in Religious Studies, both with The Open University.

My PhD was funded under the AHRC/ESRC Religion & Society programme and explored the peak and decline of the Sunday School Movement in the twentieth century, as well as young people’s engagement with churches in the present day. 

My recent research has included a study of young female Muslim experiences at university, young people’s engagement with organised crime, Christian street-based youth work, and faith-based youth work’s engagement with civil society.

I am currently working on research projects exploring community engagement with marginalised migrant Muslim women; hate and discrimination experienced by Gypsy, Roma and Traveller communities; and whether professionally qualifying youth work training programmes equip practitioners to work with diverse religious communities.

I also undertake evaluation for youth and community projects, and am currently doing so for Lewisham Youth Offending Service, as well as recently completing a community needs analysis for Youth First, the largest provider of youth services in Lewisham. 

As a researcher, I am most interested in co-produced and applied research that ensures the voices of young people and communities are heard, particularly where these voices have been marginalised and/or excluded.

I undertake research that provides clear implications for communities and services and regularly engage in public fora to disseminate my research findings. I edit for the open access journal, Youth & Policy (www.youthandpolicy.org).


Publications and research outputs


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