Goldsmiths ID Card

Help if your Goldsmiths ID card isn't working, is damaged or you need a new one.

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Goldsmiths Card is snapped, lost or stolen

If you lose or break your Goldsmiths Card, you can request a replacement card from the Security Office (Room 198 Richard Hoggart Building).

Your first replacement will be issued free of charge, a £10 charge is payable for each replacement issued thereafter.

If your Goldsmiths Card was stolen, a replacement card will be issued free of charge on presentation of a crime report (issued by the Police when you report it being stolen).

Security is open Monday to Friday, 8am-10pm, and Saturday, 10am-8pm.

Goldsmiths Card is not working

Contact the Security Office (Room 198 Richard Hoggart Building) in the first instance.  Security is open Monday to Friday, 8am-10pm, and Saturday, 10am-8pm.

They will confirm your status and reactivate your card.

If you have a debt, outstanding fees or have not completed enrolment your card may not be activated until those conditions are met.

Goldsmiths Card has expired

The Goldsmiths Card is issued for the length of your study, and will normally expire at the end of your studies.

If you are required to repeat part of your study or have been given an extension your school hub will update your record. Your Goldsmiths Card will be re-activated within 24 hours of your record being updated.