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Our academic partnerships offer unique collaborative degree programmes delivered to the highest academic standards. We are keen to work with new partners on a range of initiatives.

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An academic partnership with Goldsmiths will:

  • Enable your students to attain an internationally-recognised UK degree award from a world-leading university across our academic subject areas
  • Provide your staff with opportunities to work with Goldsmiths’ faculty on collaborative teaching projects and joint research
  • Deliver truly collaborative partnerships with programmes that are co-designed, co-delivered and co-managed with our partners

We offer

  • A commitment to enhancing all aspects of the student experience
  • Capacity building and support for faculty development through research and partnership innovation activities
  • Support for pedagogic enrichment through strong academic relationships and sharing of best practice
  • Central partnership management through our Academic Partnerships team as well as connections to our world-class academic faculty. 

For information on Goldsmiths' processes for the setup and management of academic partnerships, please contact the Academic Partnerships team. 

We welcome approaches from prospective partners interested in exploring a range of academic partnerships. Please contact the International Development & Academic Partnerships (IDAP).