International representatives and agents

Goldsmiths has formal agreements with many institutions worldwide and in some countries Goldsmiths has appointed local representatives who can offer advice, information and assistance with applications.

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The local representatives are not authorised to make admissions offers on behalf of Goldsmiths or to collect any tuition or accommodation fees on behalf of Goldsmiths and all offers are made by Goldsmiths in line with the admissions policy and procedures. If an agent seeks to collect funds on behalf of Goldsmiths, please email int.agents ( with the details so we can investigate. 

Resources for current and prospective representatives are contained on this page:

If you have any queries about our work with agents please contact us at: int.agents (

Please note that the University is not currently processing agent submissions for appointment from the following countries: Bangladesh, Brazil, China, India, Hong Kong, Mexico, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Russia, Sri Lanka, Ukraine and all of South East Asia.