International internships

Many countries require additional paperwork in order for you to complete an internship there. Learn how the Goldsmiths Careers Service can help.

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It is very common for some countries, including several in Europe, to require several important pieces of paperwork before you can undertake an internship there. This documentation typically includes:

  • Proof of enrolment at a university.
  • Proof of possession of any necessary insurance e.g. personal liability insurance.
  • Proof of a valid visa/right to work.
  • Proof that the internship links with your studies.

The extent of documentation and amount of flexibility varies by country.

For example, in France, a Convention de Stage is a legal requirement since you must be an enrolled student at a university in order to undertake an internship. This is a tri-partite agreement between the student, the company and the university. It must be completed before an internship starts, and contains the details of the parties involved, the aims and details of the internship, insurance and renumeration information. Please see the FAQ below for more information on the Convention de Stage.

What we can help with

The Placements and Internships team at Goldsmiths Careers Service can help with the following:

What we cannot help with

Unfortunately, there are some aspects of the various processes that we cannot help with:

  • We cannot provide or extend insurance policy coverage. It is your responsibility to arrange the necessary insurance
  • We cannot sign blank agreements. We need all of the details before deciding to sign or not
  • We cannot say that the internship will constitute part of your course if it does not

Above all, please remember that whether or not your agreement is signed is entirely at Goldsmiths' discretion. The process can also be lengthy, due to the various verification documents that need to be produced and the limited number of people authorised to sign the agreements. Please allow enough time to get everything sorted.

You can reach the Placements and Internships team on placements-internships (

A Convention de Stage is a legal requirement for undertaking an internship in France. You must be an enrolled student for the entire duration of the internship, have a valid visa and possess any necessary insurance policies, such as civil/personal liability insurance.

To obtain a Convention de Stage, please follow the process below:

  1. Send placements-internships ( your student ID number and the dates of your internship so they can check that your internship falls within the dates of your enrolment. Remember, you must be a student to undertake an internship in France. If the internship falls outside the dates of your enrolment (even if only part of it), we won't be able to sign the agreement.
  2. Download the Goldsmiths Convention de Stage Agreement Template (PDF download).
  3. Fill in all of the relevant fields on the agreement and return it to placements-internships (
  4. Send proof that you possess the necessary insurance policies and visa (if applicable) to placements-internships (
  5. If everything is in order, Goldsmiths Careers Service will complete the remaining details on the Convention de Stage agreement and return it to you.
  6. You need to sign the agreement and ask the company to sign it before returning it to placements-internships (
  7. We will arrange for the completed form to be signed and will return it to you.
  8. Give the completed form to the company.
  9. Enjoy your internship!

Please remember that this is a potentially lengthy process so allow plenty of time to get your agreement sorted before you start your internship. Agreements are signed at the Goldsmiths' discretion.

If you need an internship agreement for a country other than France or for an opportunity that requires something different, please email
placements-internships ( with all the details of your internship (company, dates, location etc.), your personal details (student ID number, course and year of study, contact details etc.) and what you need from us.

We should then be in a position to work out if we can help or not.

In some countries, such as France, it is a legal requirement that you are an enrolled student in order to undertake an internship. The dates of the internship must fall entirely within your enrollment period at university. The purpose of the internships covered by the Convention de Stage are to enhance your studies, so obviously you must be a student for this to work.

We cannot say that you are still a student if you are not. To check your enrollment dates, you can visit the School hubs.

Some companies require internships to be part of course.

If you are undertaking a placement module as part of your programme of study and your internship would count as the placement, then can say that it is part of your course.

However if you aren't doing a placement or if it wouldn't count, we cannot lie and say that it is part of your course.

We are often happy to say that we believe the internship would support your studies and be a useful addition to them though. Quite often, companies will accept this.

We will only sign a completed agreement because we have to know what we are potentially committing Goldsmiths to, and what you are getting involved in.

This also applies to proof of insurance and enrollment. You must provide us with your student number so we can check your enrollment status and proof of insurance before we sign any agreement.

Please remember that the signing of an agreement is always at Goldsmiths' discretion.

If the internship agreement says that you must arrange insurance then you have to, otherwise you breach the agreement and in some cases risk breaking the law.

Unfortunately we cannot extend Goldsmiths' insurance policy to cover you on your internship. This is because the internship is something that you have arranged in a personal capacity and is unrelated to Goldsmiths.

In a lot of cases, your employer's insurance may cover you, so be sure to check with them to see if and what you are covered for and what they require you to have.

Remember, sorting insurance is your responsibility. This is set out in the agreement as a condition of the offer so you must do this. Also bear in mind that it won't simply be travel insurance. You may need personal liability insurance to cover you in the event of an accident at work or something similar.

Depending on the nature of your internship and what the company wants, we may be able to provide a template or help draft an internship agreement for you.

The best way to find out is to email placements-internships (