Computing labs and facilities


At Goldsmiths Computing, we have a wealth of specialist rooms and equipment that enable students and academics to create cutting-edge work, and form friendships, networks and collaborations.

Hatch Labs

Hatch Labs

Our brand new state-of-the-art digital fabrication and physical computing labs are equipped with all the tools necessary to bring your digital designs into the physical world:

  • Computer-controlled machinery such as laser cutter, FDM and SLA 3D printers, vinyl cutter, CNC mills and routers
  • 12 fully equipped electronics development workbenches including inductive soldering stations, oscilloscopes and bench power supplies
  • metal-engraving laser for printed circuit board prototyping
  • high-end woodworking equipment from Festool
  • optical and digital microscopes for electronics inspection and rework
  • manually operated machinery, such as sander, drill press, jigsaw

All located in a gorgeous purpose-built space filled with natural light, with beech worktops, concrete floor and old church masonry walls.

360° photo of G11 / laser cutting lab / woodwork shop

Computing labs

Computing labs in the Richard Hoggart Building

We have four dedicated computer labs, kitted out with a total of 214 iMacs. All the machines are dual-boot with Windows 10 and Mac OS Sierra. They are centrally-managed, so all course-related software is constantly available and updated. Each lab has an HD projector, powerful speakers and voice reinforcement for lecturers. Lecture slides and video can also be live streamed to any of the iMacs for clarity.

360 degree photo

Motion Capture Suite

Student uses motion capture equipment

The Motion Capture Suite combines three technologies in a uniquely powerful cocktail. Multi-camera motion capture technology records the movement of performers and renders it into a virtual world. Our hardware is capable of doing this in real time, so as you walk around the room your whole body controls an avatar in VR. 8.1 Ambisonic Surround generates a cube of precisely located sound, so we can map a noise to a virtual object or have a sound follow you around the room.

Customised Oculus Rift and LEAP Motion equipment allows you to freely explore a virtual version of the room and use your own hands to interact with it. The room also has excellent sound recording and mixing equipment and is frequently used for filming, often with green screen backdrop. 

360 degree photo

Sonics Immersive Media Lab

Sonics Immersive Media Lab

Sonics Immersive Media Laboratory (SIML) is a space designed for complete versatility, where students and researchers learn to use cutting-edge sound, lighting and video technologies. An interdisciplinary, cross-departmental initiative, this world-class multimedia facility was designed collectively by the departments of Media, Computing and Theatre & Performance.

The facility has hosted events including John Akomfrah's Unfinished Conversation, the world premiere of Eliane Radigue's OCCAM IX performed by Laetitia Sonami and the London satellite event for Sonorities 2015

The SONICS group comprises staff and visiting fellows from the Computing, Music, Sociology, Visual Cultures, Media & Communications and Theatre & Performance departments. For more information visit the SONICS website.

Games lab

Student using Oculus Rift VR headset

With HD projection and 7.1 surround sound, the Games Lab is set up to showcase students' work and the latest in gaming technology.

The room is set out as a casual, comfortable work space, where students can develop work on desktop PCs or bring their own laptops. We are currently fitting VR-specific facilities suitable for Oculus Rift and Vive. 

Goldsmiths Digital Studio

Goldsmiths Digital Studio

Goldsmiths Digital Studio (GDS) is a space that brings students and artists together. The studio has several specialist solder stations, basic electronics consumables and hacking equipment making it the perfect home for physical computing activities.

The studio has long been a hub for digital experimentation, and is the home for our MA/MFA in Computational Arts, as well as our research consultancy and prototyping service, Goldsmiths Digital.

360 degree photograph

St James Hatcham

St James Hatcham

The newly refurbished St James Hatcham Building is a dedicated exhibition space available for all departments on campus.

The building retains iconic features including the beautiful stained glass windows, while benefitting from modern finishes. This makes it an outstanding exhibition space for our MA/MFA Computational Arts and BSc Digital Arts Computing degree shows.

Goldsmiths Computing were honoured to launch the space with Creative Machine, an exhibition of 25 international digital artists.