Short course: Chinese brush painting

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Course description

Chinese is done with a brush dipped in black ink and coloured pigments that are added to produce a more beautiful and decorative effect.

Regarding not only technical but also meaningful aspects of Chinese painting, while western paintings focus on a more realistic approach and the representation of the three dimensions, Chinese painting is characterised by the portrayal of the object’s essence.

The three preferred topics explored by Chinese painters are landscapes, birds and flowers, and characters, which are very commonly connected to poems, showing the brilliant work of artists in qualifying their work with poetic meaning. Chinese paintings offer both artists and art admirers moments of calmness and serenity.

This course covers:

  • Knowledge of the basic background behind Chinese traditional painting
  • Knowledge of the brush techniques, colour schemes and painting methods of certain elements in Chinese paintings (e.g. flowers, birds and trees)
  • Knowledge of certain wonderful Chinese painting artworks that can be practiced

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