Short course: Chinese folk singing

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Course description

After the founding of The People's Republic of China in 1949, Chinese folk songs entered a brand new period, and a large number of folk songs reflecting people's new life sprang up. Because many nationalities even have no writing, folk songs are still their main art form and an indispensable part of daily life, and most of them retain the form of combining "poetry, song and dance".

In terms of genre, Chinese folk songs are generally divided into minors' songs, folk songs and work songs.

Course content

Over 8 classes, students will learn the principles of Chinese folk singing with Chinese music theories and techniques. Classes are taught by a teacher who has been specialising in vocal music.

What you can get from this course:

  • Learn to sing scientifically, such as the vocal skills that Chinese singers have been developing for hundreds of years
  • Sing Chinese folk songs in a way that faithfully reflects the idea of the music
  • Learn to sing Chinese folk songs from different regions of China, such as Jasmine Flower, Embroidered Purse, Kangding Love Song, etc
  • Exercise lung capacity and have a refreshing experience in oriental music

The course is aimed at beginners or improvers and is ideal for those who are interested in learning about Chinese folk music.

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