Short course: Chinese Music - Guzheng

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Course description

Traditional playing styles for the Guzheng use the right hand to pluck notes and the left hand to change the pitch and produce vibrato by pressing the strings. Modern styles or advanced players use both hands to strike notes.

Students will have the opportunity to learn a range of traditional Chinese instrumental music tailored to their level.

Examples of songs studied include:

  • On the Gold Hill, Beijing (beginner)
  • Jasmine Flower (beginner)
  • The Homebound Fisherman (intermediate)
  • Mountain and Flowing Water (intermediate)
  • Song of Dong Tin (advanced)
  • Spring on Snow Mountain (advanced)
  • Spring Comes to Xiang Jiang (advanced)

Students are responsible for bringing their own finger picks (plectra) and tape to each lesson.


It is £40 per lesson.

There is a minimum of 5 sessions per student.

All 1-1 students receive a 10% discount when booking 10 lessons at once.

Enquiries and support

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