Short course: Chinese Han-Tang classical dance

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This course will be available next academic term.

Course description

This is a 10-week intermediate course aimed at students who have interests in Chinese dance and who have received basic flexibility training.

"The Han-Tang Classical Chinese Dance" is a style of contemporary classical Chinese dance formed in an artistic process of refining and recreating the dance images in historical documents and cultural relics.

It centres around the culture of the Han and Tang dynasties, but also includes a variety of historical dance forms from the Pre-Qin dynasty to the Ming and Qing dynasties, embodying the connotations of traditional Chinese aesthetics and artistic spirits.

What you will learn from this course

  • Basic background behind Chinese classical dance.
  • Basics relating to the dance (ie stance, posture, breathing)
  • Warm-up exercises/techniques related to similar styles of dance
  • Knowledge of certain repertoires/movements that can be practised
  • Chinese classical dance and culture from imperial China (Han, Tang, Ming, Qing and Pre-Qin dynasties)

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