Take Part Case Study Research


Photograph of a shop in London

About the project

The Taking Part ESRC research cluster for developing  high quality research and a critical mass around active citizenship and community empowerment with the Third Sector. The cluster has a particular emphasis upon enabling the voices of the most disadvantaged groups to be heard effectively as part of wider agendas for social change, social solidarity and social justice.

Researchers at CUCR carried out two research case studies into two London-based community arts organisations: London Bubble Theatre and the Stream Arts. These studies  examine how arts organisations and arts practitioners explore the themes of social action and community empowerment. Through participative and socially-engaged practice they create highly relevant and aesthetically sophisticated local projects which stimulate people to take an active and critical role in civic society. These Take Part case studies offer interesting lessons regarding the relationship between the ‘community arts’ sector and the people they work with and the role of research in these organisations 

Research reports