Frequently asked questions


More information about applying for scholarships, bursaries or fee waivers through Goldsmiths.

If you have any questions that are not answered on this page, please contact us by emailing You can also refer to our application tips for advice on completing your funding application.

Good luck with your application.

I think I'm eligible to apply for two awards – can I apply for more than one?

You're able to apply for as many awards as you like, as long as you meet the eligibility criteria for each award. Each application you submit must be complete. We are not responsible for photocopying references or transcripts to attach to each application.

You should only apply for scholarships if you meet the eligibility criteria. Your application will be rejected if you do not meet the criteria. 

I've selected Goldsmiths as my insurance choice, can I still apply for a scholarship?

Unfortunately not. If you've selected Goldsmiths as your second choice we are unable to consider you for any of our awards.

How do I apply?

Scholarship and bursary applications will be completed and submitted online through your MyGoldsmiths account. You'll have to wait for us to send you a PIN before you can do this. 

Please read our application tips for advice on completing a funding application.

What is a MyGoldsmiths account?

MyGoldsmiths is an online account that allows you to submit scholarship and bursary applications directly to us. Find out how to register for a MyGoldsmiths account.

I've logged into MyGoldsmiths account and selected 'Apply for Scholarships' and nothing happens – what should I do?

Are you using Internet Explorer as your browser? If so please use Google Chrome of Mozilla Firefox. The web pages do not display correctly with Internet Explorer for some reason. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Do I have to submit a reference?

We'll use the reference you submitted along with your admissions application.

If you didn't submit a reference with your admissions application, you can upload and attach your reference to your scholarship or bursary application. Please read our guidance for references for more information.

What should I say in my supporting statement?

You'll be asked to answer three questions relevant to the award you are applying for. Make sure that you answer these questions clearly and that you stay within the word limit.

Read our application advice for tips on completing your application.

I haven't finished my studies yet so how do I tell you about my results?

We'll access your predicted grades/classification from your admissions application. If you didn't provide these details when applying please supply them as an uploaded document with your award application. Your predicted results should come from a tutor or teacher, not directly from you.

If your scholarship application is successful we will contact you later in the year to request your certificate/transcript.

Why do I have to complete a means-tested assessment with the Student Loans Company?

If you're applying for an undergraduate scholarship or bursary we may need to know more about your financial circumstances when considering you for the award. The personal information of either yourself, your partner or parents/guardians will be stored confidentially and will only be accessed during the consideration of your award application.

To ensure all applicants are assessed in the same way the financial assessment will be carried out by the Student Loans Company while you are applying for tuition fee and maintenance funding.

If your assessment is not complete by the time we make our financial assessment your application will be considered incomplete and therefore won't be considered for the award.

How long should the answers in my application be?

Answers to questions should be 2,000 characters including spaces.

My application isn't complete, should I send it now?

If you're awaiting results from current study, you should submit your application now, including details of your predicted grades. We don't need your final results until later in the summer.

It is your responsibility to provide all required documents; we won't contact you for any missing information. Incomplete applications will not be considered.

I am transferring from another institution, can I bring my scholarship to Goldsmiths?

Unfortunately, if you were granted a scholarship when you began a course at another institution, it is not possible for you to transfer it to the new institution.

I've received an email confirming receipt of my award application. What do I do now?

You will receive an automatically generated email from us within one hour of submitting your application. This email will be sent whether your application is complete or incomplete. If your application is complete, we’ll be in touch later in the year. If your application is incomplete, please ensure missing information has been submitted by the deadline.

I've submitted my application but have not received an email confirmation, what should I do?

If you didn't receive an email following your application submission please contact us at to check it's been received. If it hasn't you will have to resubmit it.

You should also check your junk/spam email folder for scholarships emails.

How will I be notified of the outcome of my application?

All applicants will be informed by email, which will be sent to the email address given on your application form.

You may need to check your junk/spam email folder for emails about your application.

My application was unsuccessful, can I find out why?

We're sorry but unfortunately we're unable to provide feedback on an unsuccessful decision; this is due to the high volume of applications we receive each year.

I've just found out that I have been given an award! What do I do next?

Please read through your award offer letter carefully; we'll include instructions for what to do next.

I have completed my pre-enrolment online and my Alumni Discount has not been applied. When will the discount be added?

The Alumni discount will be added automatically after you have fully enrolled.

I have completed my pre-enrolment online and the Excellence Fee Waiver has not been applied. When will the Fee Waiver be added?

The Excellence Fee Waiver will be added automatically after you have fully enrolled.