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Research Training is a key part of the doctoral research experience. The Graduate School offers a programme of generic training to all current research students in order to help ensure that students are prepared for the major events and challenges that they are likely to face during their programme.

A Graduate School Induction Programme is held at the start of each term, with a week-long event held in September. This programme aims to give an introduction to a range of key matters, including policies, training and the nature of the doctoral student experience. It also integrates with Departmental induction events, which give information specific to their discipline. Full details of the induction programme.

Graduate School Seminar Series

The Graduate School Seminar Series, which is open to all doctoral students, covers a wide range of key topics pertinent different stages of the doctoral journey, from presentation skills to preparing for upgrade. Seminars are usually held from 4.00-5.00pm, on the first Monday of each month, during term time. See the full programme for the year.

Core Qualitative Methods

This module provides an interdisciplinary introduction to qualitative traditions of social research. It aims to give you an understanding of some of the main forms of qualitative research, offer opportunities to develop the skills for conducting qualitative research, and to help you in reading and assessing research publications. The course is also designed to offer you opportunities to discuss your own research, and exchange ideas with students from a range of disciplines.

The course is designed as an introduction for those with little or no previous experience of this methodology. Core Qualitative Research Methods is open to all MRes and MPhil/PhD students at Goldsmiths. Full information is available on (VLE)

Core Quantitative Methods

This module is designed to help researchers to understand and gain skills in quantitative research, whether it is encountered in literature reviews or elsewhere in the doctoral journey. Those attending this course will receive an introduction with three possible exit points, each providing progressively more knowledge and understanding. Full information is available on (VLE)

Academic Practice programme

The Academic Practice programme, for PhD students and early career researchers, is an opportunity to develop and enhance skills in teaching and learning. Students who are looking to undertake teaching activities during their doctoral studies are encouraged to undertake this course, which is based in part on the UK Professional Standards Framework (UKPSF) for supporting teaching and learning. Full information is available on (VLE)