Research degree examinations

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The Research Degree section will administer all aspects of the examination process from registration and submission of the thesis, to contacting examiners and confering the award. We can offer advice and guidance to students, supervisors, academic departments and examiners about any stage in the process.

Examination entry

Research Degree Examinations Process Guidelines (PDF)

Research degree examination entry form

Rules for submission of theses for the degrees of MPhil and PhD

Binders and Printers

Appointment of examiners

Guidelines for appointing examiners

Appointment of Examiners form

Submission of thesis

Research degree submission form

Examination re-entry

Examination Re-entry Form

Registering for the examination

If you are in the final stages of preparing for the submission of your thesis you will need to register to be examined. This is done by completing Research degree examination entry form which must be completed at least 1 month before the submission of your thesis. The forms are then valid for 18 months.

Ensure that you have read the Rules for submission of theses for the degrees of MPhil and PhD before registering for the examination.

Please note that any correspondence we have with you will be through your Goldsmiths email account. It is your responsibility to check this regularly.

Examiner selection

When your supervisor has selected your examiners they will complete the Appointment of Examiners form (Word doc download) for the approval of the Graduate School. The approval must take place at least 2 months before any provisional date for the viva is organised. Viva dates should not be finalised until the approval and formal acceptance of the examiners has been confirmed.

Submission of your thesis

Your thesis copies must be submitted to the Graduate School, (Room WB 117 Whitehead Building. The office opening hours are 9am to 5pm. If you are not submitting your thesis in person please contact research-degrees ( for further advice.

The Research degree submission form (Word) will need to be completed and handed in with your thesis.  The submission should take place no later than one month before your viva date.

Dispatch of your thesis and viva examination

You and your supervisor will receive an email from the Research Degrees section informing you that the thesis has been dispatched to the examiners. Your supervisor will make the viva arrangements and inform you of the date, time and venue.

Please refer to the Examiner Guidelines for Research Degrees (PDF download)

After your viva

The Research Degrees section will contact you to inform you of the outcome of your viva and provide you with instructions on the next stage of the process. The possible outcomes of a viva are detailed in the Research Degree Examination Outcomes document, accessible via the Research Degree Examinations page.  

Final submission

Upon a successful outcome, you will be notified by the Research Degrees section to make your final submission. You will need to supply one hard bound copy and one digital copy of your thesis along with your completed Thesis Details form (Word doc download) to the Student Centre.

Your award can only be issued on receipt of your final submission. Your final submission will activate the following:

  • Dispatch of an award letter from Goldsmiths
  • Your details will be passed to the Graduation Ceremonies team
  • The University of London will be notified in order to dispatch your certificate
  • Your thesis copies will be sent to the library

Digital and Library access to your thesis

It is a requirement for the award of the degree that a printed copy of your thesis will be deposited in Goldsmiths Library and that bibliographic details and a digital copy of your thesis will be deposited in Goldsmiths Research Online. If you are considering restricting the availability of your thesis beyond a standard 36 month embargo period, you must discuss this with your supervisor. The Graduate School will need to approve any restrictions to your thesis.

Please only complete Restricted Access Agreement form (Word) for periods exceeding 36 months, complete the access agreement on the for restrictions under 36 months.

You can discuss any copyright and access issues further by contacting lib-eprints (


Referral major amendments to your thesis

If it has been recommended that you represent your thesis in revised form in 12 or 18 months, we will write to you to confirm the decision. You will not be required to pay tuition fees but you will be required to pay a one off re-examination entry fee of £280.

You will be required to complete and return the Exam re-entry form to the Research Degrees section at least one month before the resubmission of the thesis.

The revised thesis must be submitted with a new Submission form (Doc download) to the Student Centre.  Opening hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.