Result dates

When and how the results of assessments and exams are given.

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2018-19 results

Postgraduate assessment results (ratified)

DepartmentRelease date
Anthropology 21/10/2019
Art 23/09/2019
Computing 29/10/2019
Design 14/01/2020
Educational Studies 18/10/2019
English and Comparative Literature 04/11/2019
History 04/11/2019
Institute of Creative and Cultural Entrepreneurship 04/11/2019
Institute of Management Studies 05/11/2019
Media, Communications and Cultural Studies 18/10/2019
Music 28/10/2019
Politics and International Relations 21/10/2019
Psychology 29/10/2019
Social, Therapeutic and Community Studies 28/10/2019
Sociology 21/10/2019
Teaching and Learning Innovation Centre 04/11/2019
Theatre and Performance 21/10/2019
Visual Cultures 29/10/2019

Results will be published on My Goldsmiths.

2019-20 results

Result dates will be announced later in the academic year.