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Use My Goldsmiths to access your Student Record and make changes to it.

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Remember that your username will most likely be a personal email ID that you registered with when you first made your application. It will not necessarily be your campus email ID unless you changed it to this after enrolling.

If you cannot remember your username or password you can find details on how to recover/reset these on the log-in page by following the ‘forgotten your…’ links.

Making changes to your student record

My name has changed or is incorrect

Your name will be recorded as it is shown on your original application and the documents you show at enrolment.

If your name has changed or is incorrect, please bring official documentation (passport, driving licence, marriage certificate or official deed poll) to the Student Centre.

The changes will be copied to your student record, which is used by staff in both academic and administrative departments.

Please note that your name as shown on the Student Record System will appear on your Graduation Certificate and transcript and cannot be changed after they are issued.

My address or contact details have changed

You can change your address, email or telephone details in My Goldsmiths by clicking on the ‘My Details’ and ‘Change your address’ tabs.

The change will be copied to your student record, which is used by staff in academic and administrative departments.

If you experience problems accessing My Goldsmiths, email studentrecords (

I would like to be identified as a different gender and want to update my details

If you would like to change your name on your student record, please bring official documentation in your new name (passport, driving licence or official deed poll) to the Student Centre.

Your details will be changed on your student record to match those shown on your official documents allowing your transcript(s) and certificate to be issued in your new name.

If you would also like to change your gender on the student records system, you can do so by providing a written statement which includes the following:

  • your intention to transition and the gender you would like to have recorded on our student records system
  • your consent for this information to be used to change your official record and that you are happy for this statement to be stored on your file securely

The statement can either be sent via email to studentrecords ( or put inside a sealed envelope, marked as confidential for the Enrolments & Record Manager and handed into the Student Centre.  Please note that your request will be treated in absolute confidence.

If you would like to discuss your situation further, please contact the Wellbeing team.

If you are a former student, any previously issued documents confirming assessment or award may be re-issued by providing the above information via our Replacement Transcript and Confirmation of Award service.

I’m graduating soon & my home address is not in the Latin alphabet