Transcripts and Certificates

When you will receive your transcript and certificates, and how you can request copies.

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This page is for graduating students. See information for alumni requesting replacement transcripts and awards.


The HEAR/transcript is a formal document and should be retained as proof of award and breakdown of marks achieved. 

Important note: Students who are in debt to Goldsmiths will not receive their transcript or certificate until after their debt has been cleared. 

19/20 Graduates

As our graduation ceremonies were unable to be held in person, your HEAR/transcript has been posted to the home address we have for you on our records.

If you did not receive your transcript, please contact assessments (

If you have lost or damaged your HEAR/transcript you should visit this page and follow the instructions on how to request a replacement. Please note there will be a charge for this service.

20/21 Finalists 

If you are graduating soon visit this page before the end of term to check and update your name (including spelling) and home address on our records. It is vital that our records are correct by the end of the academic year to ensure your transcript and certificate are printed correctly and so your documents will reach you in the post. 

If your home address is in a non-Latin alphabet (e.g. Mandarin or Arabic), you must email this to assessments (, including your student ID, mobile number and name of your programme. We will then use both the Latin and non-Latin versions for posting. This will need to be provided before the end of the Summer Term.  

If your details (name and home address) are incorrect on our records and you have not updated them by the end of term you must email assessments (, including your student ID, mobile number and name of your programme, to see what the next steps are. Please note that if your transcript has already been produced and posted there may be a fee to produce new documents.

University of London Diplomas

Degree certificates are issued by the University of London. Please note, due to the pandemic backlog it may be up to six months before you receive your document after the office has received the pass list in September.  

In lieu of the official University of London diplomas, you can request a digital confirmation of award letter by emailing our Assessments Team. Please ensure that you include your student reference number and home department. We will endeavour to produce and disseminate these in 5-10 working days.

Goldsmiths Certificates

Certificates for interim awards (e.g. Certificate/Diploma in Higher Education or Postgraduate Certificate/Diploma), Foundation and Nordoff Robbins certificates are produced by Goldsmiths and will be sent to you approximately two months after your results have been published.

Withdrawn Students

Students who withdraw before completing their programme and do not achieve an award will not receive a transcript unless this is requested.

To request a transcript, you should email assessments ( with your student ID and programme details.